EDIT on 27th Jan: Earlier today, I sent an email to KKnM and La Tendo about this issue, and I’ve received a reply from KKnM [[Thank you so much for your swift reply, KKnM.]]. And basically, they’ve confirmed that there were indeed some issues, though they’re not clear what exactly is going on, which has led to affected retailers securing ridiculously low number of stocks for sale. Now, KKnM is a popular and well-known local retailer dealing in anime goods, and they’ve been in this line for nearly 10 years, so you know that if they say something, it’s credible for sure. I haven’t heard from La Tendo yet, but when I have their reply, I’ll do a more detailed post.

Original Entry
K-On Merchandising License Blues I

K-On Merchandising License Blues II

-Massive bidwar over K-On [and apparently One Piece] merchandising license in Singapore/Asia
-When won, all retailers officially bringing in K-ON! merchanside will have to pay ‘royalties’ to the winning company.
-Higher prices for K-On goods etc
“the worst that could happen has happened” – I honestly don’t know what this is, but the guy is hinting that whoever got the license is probably going to charge cutthroat prices or don’t intend to bring in the stuff at all.


If I’m unlucky, I may not get her at all. My parents won’t allow me to get her online; and looking at how the online preorders for Yui and Mio merch closed within a day, I may miss out on Azusa’s preorders.

I really want Azusa, but I don’t know about paying ‘cutthroat prices’. SGD80+++ for 1 Nendo is a bit hard to swallow. On the other hand, I don’t buy Nendos frequently either.

Aaaargh, this licensing thing is a nightmare…I’m really bummed because I’ve been looking forward to getting Azusa, but I’ll just sit and wait to see how it unfolds. :/