✘Started this blog so that I could comment to other blogs, and eventually, discontent with leaving this journal empty and unused, I began chronicling my own hobby escapades. Primarily active on LiveJournal, where both ravings of a personal nature and collector joy go together hand in hand. :’) Here, I spare you the mundane grumbles of a student with not much of a life and bring you what interests you!

Gunpla Meister
✘…of the snap-build kind!
✘Began my foray into the world of gunpla proper in 2004, with a HG 1/144 Freedom kit. Assembled in two days, using my bare hands and a pair of scissors and lots of love.
✘Has assembled 19 gunpla models to date, with a couple more on the way.

Also collects
✘Assorted figurines – I like to have a variety, instead of focusing on a handful of companies, types or scale. :)
✘Pokédolls – impossibly adorable plushes produced solely by Pokemon Center Japan.
✘TOMY Zoid models – once upon a time, when they were readily available in stores here.

Other interests
✘Anime; especially mecha! Also enjoys Bakemonogatari, Darker than Black, among many others. More than willing to try out recommendations by friends.
✘Manga; loyally following only a handful of series. More than happy to dabble in series recommended by friends.
✘Video games; adores MMOs, but does not have the patience nor tolerance for grinding and rude game communities to play them for extended periods of times.

Believes in
✘Giving something the time of the day before making any judgment about it! Things aren’t always as they seem. :)
✘Something’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. As long as you love it, there is no such thing as “it’s too expensive”. XD

Aims to
✘Commission, and own painted garage kits of Setsuna F. Seiei and Louise Halevy.
✘Magically grow space for my ever increasing collection and wants…
✘Get to know everyone better! Welcome, and how do you do? :)