I died from overdose of homework!

But now I’m back briefly with something really exciting.

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…yes, I suppose an explanation for my disappearance is in order. XD

Studies: I finished my exams in the middle of last month, and I got back my results last week. Those who were here from the start will know that I failed a course and had to retake it this semester. Of course I passed the course this time round! And it’s not just with a pass grade, I got high distinctions! x) I got high distinctions for all the courses I’m taking this semester [[which is really just two courses haha]], and even better news, I only have to stay back one extra semester – and not one whole year – to complete my degree! Chiong for high distinctions!!

Gunpla: Ahaha. I’ve done nothing during my break. I know I said I was going to build 007S, but I’m not in the mood for gunpla-building! I haven’t gotten round to getting the cement for it either. |D; At least when the gunpla bug finally bites, I’ll have something to build! This is also one reason why I haven’t been posting. No gunpla building = no WIP posts = no material to write about..

Life: I got into a totally different type of collecting in a big way. My current interest is online TCGs – run by fans, run for fans! This is the biggest reason why I haven’t updated at all. I’ve gotten so wrapped up in updating card posts that I’ve forgotten to update this blog! XD; I’m in a fair number of TCGs where you play games to earn cards. The games are fun, the organization of cards mind-numbing in a good way, and overall it’s a really enjoyable experience for me.

Collection: Yeah, well, I figured getting a bunch of nice things together and then updating everything at one shot is going to have a bigger impact, so there you have it. xD; I haven’t been spending a lot – conserving my money for those surprise releases – so naturally, I don’t have a lot of nice loot to share.

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What’s this…? A POST!!

Not only have I slacked on posting, I’ve gotten even worse at commenting. *bitter laugh* I didn’t mean to disappear like that – March has been a really quiet month in terms of purchases, so I hadn’t had anything concrete to post about. XD

That is, until today!

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キタワァ*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・゜(n‘∀‘)η゚・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・* !!!!!

Yeah! Mikatan finally updated with images of Nadeko! *O*

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le gasp, I am alive. 8O

There’s still a while to go till the end of this month, but I think it’s safe to say that this will be my loot for February. xD

Before I go on, just a mild heads up – I’d be very happy if you could not talk about milking/00 variants/00 sidestories. I get that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, therefore I respect your space and your freedom to say anything you want. All I ask in return is that you respect my space too. Thank you!

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The truth is out.

CLEAR GREEN!! CLEAR GREEN!! I care not if it’s ~only on the new runner~. We’re getting clear green! ;w;

We’re also getting wires lol. :D

I am excited again!

So WonFes is here.

Which means, buttload of figurine news!!

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Hey, guys.

It looks like she will be coming home to me after all.

Yep, her.

I’m not sure how much shipping is going to cost, but I’ll be going SAL, so it’s not going to cost a bomb or anything. xD Might be because the exchange rate is a little more forgiving today, but it looks like I might be able to get her at La Tendo’s normal Nendo price, maybe less. Of course, things can still change within 3 months.

Hah! I’m still shaking. XD I didn’t realize how much I wanted her until the PO started, and I went ahead and reserve without thinking too much. I’ll still have to talk to my friend about paying and stuff – why does Singpost not offer money orders to some countries :| – but she’s nearly here now. ;w; I haven’t felt happier. There is a silver lining in every dark cloud!

Now I hope my journey to obtain my next Nendo will be easier…this was a heart-stopping ride. xD; I’m unsure as to whether I want the imminent Azusa Figma. Right now, the Nendo is my priority and I have no real need for the Figma since I hardly play with my figurines. But I guess seeing GSC’s pics will make me change my mind. =w=;

Wow, I feel energized already. I was having itchy fingers after seeing people posting about new loot and the likes. It’s nice to have something to look forward to. xD

Remember when I sent an email to two local retailers here about the K-On licensing fiasco?

I still have yet to receive a reply from La Tendo ahaha, which is kind of annoying because I was also asking about their follow-up on my request for an item, and it’s been a week since they said they would contact their supplier, but no news still about the item or its availability. :|a So I’m not sure what to think. They could be staying mum about the K-On thing – sending me a “no comments” reply would be nice; I won’t prod further XD – or they haven’t been checking online enquiries for a while.

On the other hand, they’ve also put down Mugi Figma as a ‘pending preorder’ along with her bandmates, so I guess it’s a sign that they’re trying to do something about it.

Anyway! Here’s the email reply I got from KKnM. Just a little background info, KKnM is a well-known local store dealing with anime items and it’s frequented by many anime fans in this area. They were affiliates with AFA’09, and also manned a booth in that event, along with many smaller local events. They’ve been in this industry for years and trust me when I say they know what they’re doing!

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EDIT on 27th Jan: Earlier today, I sent an email to KKnM and La Tendo about this issue, and I’ve received a reply from KKnM [[Thank you so much for your swift reply, KKnM.]]. And basically, they’ve confirmed that there were indeed some issues, though they’re not clear what exactly is going on, which has led to affected retailers securing ridiculously low number of stocks for sale. Now, KKnM is a popular and well-known local retailer dealing in anime goods, and they’ve been in this line for nearly 10 years, so you know that if they say something, it’s credible for sure. I haven’t heard from La Tendo yet, but when I have their reply, I’ll do a more detailed post.

Original Entry
K-On Merchandising License Blues I

K-On Merchandising License Blues II

-Massive bidwar over K-On [and apparently One Piece] merchandising license in Singapore/Asia
-When won, all retailers officially bringing in K-ON! merchanside will have to pay ‘royalties’ to the winning company.
-Higher prices for K-On goods etc
“the worst that could happen has happened” – I honestly don’t know what this is, but the guy is hinting that whoever got the license is probably going to charge cutthroat prices or don’t intend to bring in the stuff at all.


If I’m unlucky, I may not get her at all. My parents won’t allow me to get her online; and looking at how the online preorders for Yui and Mio merch closed within a day, I may miss out on Azusa’s preorders.

I really want Azusa, but I don’t know about paying ‘cutthroat prices’. SGD80+++ for 1 Nendo is a bit hard to swallow. On the other hand, I don’t buy Nendos frequently either.

Aaaargh, this licensing thing is a nightmare…I’m really bummed because I’ve been looking forward to getting Azusa, but I’ll just sit and wait to see how it unfolds. :/