Oh boy, it’s been a week since I last posted. xD

Apologies for the lack of updates; I’ve been bracing myself mentally and financially for the upcoming wave of attacks starting with 00/7S G, so I’ve skipped more or less the new and upcoming releases. No big loss, since none of the new releases particularly attract me, but reading about people and their shiny loots gives me itchy hands. XD

*eyes Kotobukiya’s Gun Sniper Naomi Custom* >_> I got repoisoned by this baby. I’ve always wanted to attempt the HMM Zoid model line, and this Gun Sniper seems to be priced at about the same as a Bandai MG gunpla kit. But then, I remember all the horrible things said about Kotobukiya’s kits – poor kit design, parts that don’t fit together, frighteningly fragile material. Do I really want to spend SGD66+ for a kit that may break if I’m not careful?

A practice in self control. XD

Anyway, on Livejournal, I’m part of an online community for collectors of Pokemon items, and one of the most rampantly abused commonly heard terms you’ll hear being tossed up in discussions is the phrase ‘holy grail’.

The dictionary definition of ‘holy grail’ simply puts it as “an object of any prolonged endeavor”. So in collecting, a holy grail would be an item that you really want but are unable to obtain because it is ridiculously rare and/or discontinued which would lead to it being highly priced, thereby placing it out of your reach. Having a grail spices up your collecting life; after all, what’s the fun in collecting if you can get every single thing you desire?

So, what are some items you really want as a collector but cannot get due to its extreme rarity, or absurd pricing? What is your grail?

Now, why do I say that the term ‘holy grail’ is rampantly abused in the community I frequent? Because people seem to like using the word for items that they can get easily! Obviously, something like MG Sinanju isn’t a grail item. Save money for a few months, and you’ll be able to get it, plus regular-release kits don’t really go out of production. And something that is pending release clearly can’t be counted as a grail – you’re going to get it! You just have to wait a little for the item to be released…

Very strictly speaking, only one of my wants qualify as a grail.

Yujin SRDX Naomi Fluegel
Long discontinued and sold out. There’s one on Yahoo Japan Auctions right now – the catch? The BIN is at 10,000Y while the starting auction price at 9,000Y isn’t very much better. ^_^; I don’t see her on Yahoo Japan Auctions very often – months back, there was one going for 3,000Y; I regret not getting it back then! .__. And I just found a set of three going at about 4,500Y. I’d be tempted to go for it, except the auction already has 38 bids, so I smell an impending bidding war…I have to admit, I didn’t like this figurine very much at first, but after seeing this, I’ve made up my mind that I’d like to own her one day. Same for her famous red Gun Sniper. XD

And then there are these two:

Pic is from E2046.

These garage kits aren’t rare enough to be termed as grails. They just cost a good amount of money if I were to commission someone to paint them. xD; The 1/7 Setsuna garage kit alone costs about SGD50-ish, and the last time I emailed the commissioner for a quote, he tacked it at about SGD250, so in effect I would be paying SGD300 for a finished piece. Louise GK is bigger at 1/6 scale, so I imagine her commission costs would be even higher…

I already feel satisfied with my Louise and Setsuna collections, especially after spending big money on the RD and PG items respectively. XD But I feel like I want to go that little bit further and obtain those two garage kits, especially the Setsuna one. Not right now, of course. Maybe further down the road when I have space and the spare cash.

What about you? Do you have any holy grails?