Remember when I sent an email to two local retailers here about the K-On licensing fiasco?

I still have yet to receive a reply from La Tendo ahaha, which is kind of annoying because I was also asking about their follow-up on my request for an item, and it’s been a week since they said they would contact their supplier, but no news still about the item or its availability. :|a So I’m not sure what to think. They could be staying mum about the K-On thing – sending me a “no comments” reply would be nice; I won’t prod further XD – or they haven’t been checking online enquiries for a while.

On the other hand, they’ve also put down Mugi Figma as a ‘pending preorder’ along with her bandmates, so I guess it’s a sign that they’re trying to do something about it.

Anyway! Here’s the email reply I got from KKnM. Just a little background info, KKnM is a well-known local store dealing with anime items and it’s frequented by many anime fans in this area. They were affiliates with AFA’09, and also manned a booth in that event, along with many smaller local events. They’ve been in this industry for years and trust me when I say they know what they’re doing!

My email to KKnM

There have been some rather unpleasant news and speculations on a couple of local online forums in regards to K-On’s merchandising license in Asia, including Singapore.

My concern is if the problems with the merchandising license will affect the prices and availability of future K-On merchandises such as the upcoming Yui, Mio Figmas as well as later releases such as Azusa Nendoroid, from KKnM.

Thank you and I look forward to your reply! As a collector looking forward to Azusa Nendoroid’s release, I would greatly appreciate any information.

And here was KKnM’s reply to me:
Hi [my name],

The speculation is reflecting a problem that we’re facing at the moment. I’m not sure how badly the Azusa Nendroid will be affected but I was only able to obtain 3 pieces of the Yui and Mio Figma each. The Mugi and Ritsu Nendroids have been severely cut because of the licensors have retracted the number of Nendroids Goodsmile is able to sell outside of Japan…

We are trying our best to see if there is any way out of this situation, so we would appreciate it if you could be patient with everyone. It could be just a temporary thing so please wait while we try to find out what exactly is going on.

I first heard of the K-On licensing business from and truthfully, I was pretty skeptical at first since the earlier K-On items made it here with no problems. However, the preorders for Yui and Mio Figmas have not started at all locally, so it seemed at first glance that the rumours might hold some weight after all.

Some googling brought me to these links, which basically confirmed, without giving much away, that there indeed were problems and now local retailers are going to have a tough time bringing in K-On stuff. :/

Thinking that it wouldn’t hurt to check with a couple of the more well-known retailers here, I sent an email to them, and KKnM has pretty much verified those rumours. KKnM could only get 3 pieces of Yui and Mio figma, and in one of the forum pages I’ve linked, another unnamed seller could only get 2 Ritsu Nendos out of the 20 available. :S We’re talking about a retailer that has dealt with high volumes of pre-orders coming in and high numbers of items leaving with their happy owners!! It’s pretty clear that whatever happened with the licensing thing is really serious. It seems like KKnM isn’t clear on what’s going on either, but there’s a possibility that this whole thing might just be temporary, which I’m hoping will be the case. In any case, they’re also finding a way out of this situation. All the best, KKnM!!

What worries me, though, is that Mugi and Ritsu Nendos have been hit because “the licensors have retracted the number of Nendroids Goodsmile is able to sell outside of Japan”. They didn’t elaborate any more after that, but it sounds as though the supply for local retailers [and in turn, us store-goers who can’t shop online or have missed out on online preorders] have been very severely limited by this mysterious licensor. ._.; Azusa won’t be released until more than 3 months later, and either anything can happen during these 3 months, or nothing at all. …

Looks like I best prepare to ask my friend for a favour first, while keeping my fingers crossed for a favourable change of events. I feel bad for those looking forward to the affected items. :/

And please be patient too! I’m sure KKnM deals with enough of these queries each day. xD My aim is not to cause panic lol; I just thought I’d give people a heads up and find other alternatives in the meantime.