Oh boy, it’s been a week since I last posted. xD

Apologies for the lack of updates; I’ve been bracing myself mentally and financially for the upcoming wave of attacks starting with 00/7S G, so I’ve skipped more or less the new and upcoming releases. No big loss, since none of the new releases particularly attract me, but reading about people and their shiny loots gives me itchy hands. XD

*eyes Kotobukiya’s Gun Sniper Naomi Custom* >_> I got repoisoned by this baby. I’ve always wanted to attempt the HMM Zoid model line, and this Gun Sniper seems to be priced at about the same as a Bandai MG gunpla kit. But then, I remember all the horrible things said about Kotobukiya’s kits – poor kit design, parts that don’t fit together, frighteningly fragile material. Do I really want to spend SGD66+ for a kit that may break if I’m not careful?

A practice in self control. XD

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I finally completed MG Exia today! I had actually completed the kit last year [[30 December, to be exact]], but I put off tackling the remaining decals and clear stickers until today. I figured that since I had time today, I might as well finish this up – the poor model was gathering dust amongst the books while waiting for completion. XD;

Usual warnings for webcam pics!

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Firstly, oh SNAP. When the Mobip line released the K-On! figurines, I thought for sure that Figma was going to skip them. So much for that!! Things are becoming so unpredictable. I like the Figma version better than the Mobip one, but there’s still something lacking about the Figma. It doesn’t feel ‘Yui’ enough…perhaps it’s just me! o_O; Ui, on the other hand, is very cute! Seems like she’s going to go on sale at WonderFes. Limited edition item?

Looking forward to an Azusa!

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Hi, guys in SG, I need advice. XD

My regular store sent me their usual “yay we updated our preorder list \8D/” email, and in the list, 00/7S G is included. The member price is SGD31.50. x_o

Good thing about preordering from them is that the item arrives about a week after the release date in Japan, and this already looks set to be a popular kit so I’m expecting that it will be sold out very quickly if I don’t act fast enough. On the other hand, 31.50 bucks is close to shopping mall retail prices…

So, should I pay extra for the guarantee that I’ll get the kit, or should I wait for HAG’s sea shipment and better pricing but risk missing out?

Pre-orders close next week, so I need to make a choice soon. xD; Please help!

In other news, here have some prices from La Tendo xD
-Mega Size Model Gundam 1/48 Scale: SGD165.00
-MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai: SGD100
-MG Gundam 00 – Gundam Exia (Trans Am Mode): SGD115.00 >______>
-MG Gundam U.C. – Unicorn Gundam Video Ver. SP Pack: SGD145.00
– MG Gundam U.C. – MSN-06S Sinanju Ver.Ka Titanium Finish: SGD225.00 LOL

I’m still sitting on the idea of getting a Ryougi Shiki Nendo..

But we spend as though it does anyway.

I couldn’t not post about this.

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I had the pleasure of dropping by Zoid.us, and chanced upon this page. Having looked through a number of his Zoid review pages, I was surprised to see a page in which he detailed the construction of the massive beast known as the King Gojulas.

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So, I saw that people were sharing their 2009 loot on figure.fm, and I thought that I should do the same, just to cap off a year of great spending. xD At the same time, since moemoekyun asked me about my collection, I’ve also taken a few pics to show you where I keep my collection [as well as why I keep complaining about lack of space lol].

On to the pics, usual warnings for bad photos, bad lighting, etc etc. This post will be very long. xD

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From: Alafista

Well, I can already hear La Tendo’s cashier till ringing as I hand over my deposit for a preorder.

I wonder if she’s going to come with nekomimi. ^n.n^

In other news, yes I am alive. Yes, I am still working away on MG Exia. I’m left with only the GN Sword and its shield [and decals and stickers which I’ll leave for another day], but at the rate I’m going, I’ll never get it done by today.

I was going to do another post too, but I have to see if I can get Exia completed first ahaha. OTL

Protip – If you don’t build kits on a very regular basis, don’t try tackling a MG with a tight deadline in mind. On a brighter note, doing that has turned me off building anything for the next 4 months lmao, giving me complete focus to the upcoming semester. Ow my fingers. x_x

It’s already Christmas Eve here, so I thought I’d extend an early holiday greeting to all of you here.

★ Merry Christmas and happy holidays, guys!! ★ Hope you all had a wonderful holiday filled with lots of gifts, good food and love. ♥♥♥

I went out today again, for what is probably my last shopping trip of this year. xD

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