I died from overdose of homework!

But now I’m back briefly with something really exciting.

I’m sure you didn’t miss my terribly lousy webcam pictures. xD

I had hoped to give them a proper introduction and photo post, but I’m rushed for time, and I just wanted to show off my Measly Loot Mk II from the past 2 months. XD That’s right, HG 00 Qan[T], Figma Black Rock Shooter and Nendoroid Black Rock Shooter!

-I actually picked up HG 00Q earlier this month. It lies in a plastic bag, chilling with HG 007S/G [[yeah, I still haven’t gotten round to building that poor guy!]], waiting for its eventual assembly. Its boxart is plain, but I like the style! Simplicity is beauty too. It comes with a pamphlet for the 00 movie. I’m excited for both the movie and the eventual kits and figurines it’ll bring. xD If you’re wondering why the ‘box’ looks weird, it’s because I actually cut the box up and kept it. I have no more space for gunpla boxes anymore. xD; I can only think of what I’m going to do with MGs and stuff..

-Figma BRS! I picked both this and the Nendo up yesterday. I was pleasantly surprised by how quickly they arrived here! Both of them come with the DVDs. So glad that I didn’t buy the magazine with the DVD. ^^; At first, I was disappointed by how lifeless her facial expression looked. I didn’t think that the final product captured the same feel as the awesome prototype pics did. ): But as I looked at more pics, and now that I have the actual product in my hands, I gotta say that while it’s still different from what I expected, she’s beautiful in her own way. [[That sounds weird! XD]] I haven’t really had a chance to play with the Figma yet to test out her joints and all, but she looks really good, so I’m happy! I’m tickled by how much plastic they used just for the Figma alone. xD;

-Nendoroid BRS is so adorable aaah! She looks beautiful!! Unfortunately, just like many others, the CHANxCO face for my Nendo doesn’t fit perfectly too, and that takes off some points. I’m usually pathetically lenient about figure quality [[as can be seen with my lack of RAGE about the gray-black checkerboard base – I actually quite like it! XD]], but when you delay an item and charge good money for it, I think fitting problems shouldn’t even be present in the items at all. On the bright side, I don’t plan on displaying her with the CHANxCO face anyway, since she looks great with her normal face already, so I guess it’s not too big a loss for me. XD

-I’m actually expecting one more item from Yahoo Japan Auctions…with this little item, I can actually complete one of my mini-collections! I’m looking forward to its arrival. C:

-I’m sorry for being not replying to the comments in my previous post; truthfully, I’ve been lousy at keeping up with people lately. xD; But believe me when I say that I read all your comments and appreciate that you all take the time to keep up with this really-dead blog! It really encourages me to keep going at collecting as a hobby. :D Thank you!

And now I go back to being buried by work! All my project deadlines are coming so I gotta work extra hard. D: I’ll do my best for this semester for sure!