…yes, I suppose an explanation for my disappearance is in order. XD

Studies: I finished my exams in the middle of last month, and I got back my results last week. Those who were here from the start will know that I failed a course and had to retake it this semester. Of course I passed the course this time round! And it’s not just with a pass grade, I got high distinctions! x) I got high distinctions for all the courses I’m taking this semester [[which is really just two courses haha]], and even better news, I only have to stay back one extra semester – and not one whole year – to complete my degree! Chiong for high distinctions!!

Gunpla: Ahaha. I’ve done nothing during my break. I know I said I was going to build 007S, but I’m not in the mood for gunpla-building! I haven’t gotten round to getting the cement for it either. |D; At least when the gunpla bug finally bites, I’ll have something to build! This is also one reason why I haven’t been posting. No gunpla building = no WIP posts = no material to write about..

Life: I got into a totally different type of collecting in a big way. My current interest is online TCGs – run by fans, run for fans! This is the biggest reason why I haven’t updated at all. I’ve gotten so wrapped up in updating card posts that I’ve forgotten to update this blog! XD; I’m in a fair number of TCGs where you play games to earn cards. The games are fun, the organization of cards mind-numbing in a good way, and overall it’s a really enjoyable experience for me.

Collection: Yeah, well, I figured getting a bunch of nice things together and then updating everything at one shot is going to have a bigger impact, so there you have it. xD; I haven’t been spending a lot – conserving my money for those surprise releases – so naturally, I don’t have a lot of nice loot to share.

All the things I’ve preordered in the early half of this year are beginning to trickle in at once. xD It was Hitagi NenPuchi in April, it was Nendoroid Azusa yesterday, it will be Black Rock Shooter figma+Nendoroid in July, and if I manage to preorder it, HG 00 Qan[T] in August and HG Harute in September!

Remember the Nendoroid Nakano Azusa which I kept stressing over and worrying about? I got the May shipment! <3 I turned to Otacute after all, and made enough with the sales from Araragi and Hanekawa Nenpuchi and older sales to pay for it, with cash remaining. x) Plus, there're a few completely unexpected gifts from a very special friend too, so what better way to show off than with a collection update!

Firstly, I took ALL these photos in a hurry with a laptop webcam. I've adjusted them so that they look a lot better than the raw webcam pics, but the pics are still noisy and awful, so yeah.

This is my loot and gifts over the span of 2 months [April~June]. I see your massive monthly loot and raise you a tiny 2-month loot. >:|

Nendoroid Nakano Azusa, NenPuchi Senjougahara Hitagi! This is my only pic of the two of them lmao, because I wanted to get photos done before someone walked in on me and asked me why I was lugging my laptop around. |D; Just…let me know if you really want me to take pics of them again. The June shipment isn’t far away anyway so I think someone will do a way better review for Azusa. I’m sure there’re already better pics and reviews out there for Hitagi.

Hitagi is adorable, and yes, she was worth every dollar spent. The only bad paintjob I spotted was on the penknife she’s holding – everything else looks good. My only gripe is that because she and her accessories are so small, it’s very hard to change her arms and her hands.

And Azusa! Azusa!! She’s so cute! Even my sister liked her a lot. XD I haven’t inspected her very closely, but I didn’t see any glaring flaws. Her hair is matt and smooth – I think there were complaints about Nendoroid Ritsu having bad paintjob on her hair or something – and her twintails can swivel to their sides and towards the back like GN Drives. I don’t want to play around too much with her twin tails; they look pretty fragile. @_@ Her guitar will also be another point of concern.

And this was what I received from a friend on Livejournal as part of our trade! *_* I sent her a HG Susanowo for two handmade custom Pokemon plushes – the other is a birthday gift for another friend. She even included some freebies, a Latios figurine, a Skitty figurine and a really cool clear Exia gacha which I didn’t include because I hadn’t assembled it. She’s such a sweetheart!

A closer look at the Latios bellplush I commissioned from her! The details are amazing! I’m trying to show you the underside of its paw, and the delta symbol on its abdomen, and failing miserably. xD; It’s so adorable aaah. ;__; It’s currently displayed in the cupboard space along with my group of most favourite Pokedolls! <3 I should probably find a place to hang it up, but I don't want to get it dirty by displaying it outside the cupboard either.

Augh, dark pic. I don’t know if you can see it, but since Latios is a bell plush, it makes sense that it has a little bell to go with it. XD The bell is a nice purple colour. So pretty!

And what’s this!? GIFTS FROM ONE OF MY CLOSEST FRIENDS!! O___O I was so surprised to receive a package from her. o_O And I was even more stunned when I opened it up to find these guys inside!! Latios Pokedoll, an Eevee sticker which is the most adorable thing ever, and a Riolu Kid, my first Pokemon kid! I had no idea Kids were hollowed out inside – for some reason, I thought of them as pencil toppers. ;;; Now I see where the whole ‘finger puppet’ thing came from.

Latios can’t stand on his own – I had Riolu kid support him from behind. XD It’s so cute!! It’s slightly bigger than I imagined it to be, and so chubby! I love him so much. Funny how before end-May, the only Latios item I had was the chess piece, and now, I have the beginning of a Latios collection. XD I’m not going to attempt to seriously collect him though – most Latios merch seem to have skyhigh demand and prices lmao.

And that was it! End of June will see Nadeko joining our party! And July, it’ll be…BRS double-bill!