What’s this…? A POST!!

Not only have I slacked on posting, I’ve gotten even worse at commenting. *bitter laugh* I didn’t mean to disappear like that – March has been a really quiet month in terms of purchases, so I hadn’t had anything concrete to post about. XD

That is, until today!

So, a brief recap of the things that happened over the past month:
Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Petit Set 2 – preordered!
I’ll be picking these guys up in June. C: Set 1 is next month – finally, Hitagi! Speaking of Bakemonogatari, yes, I have seen the new pics of the GSC and Kotobukiya Hitagi, and they’re both gorgeous! Lol @ visible hair seamline in the GSC one though. I’ve seen the Nadeko PVC too. No real thoughts about it; I need to see the coloured version first. xD

Kaiyodo Revoltech Professor Layton – purchased!
Technically, this isn’t mine. My sis is the proud owner of the Revoltech. XD He’s pretty sizeable [14 cm], but it seems like he’s got a few barely noticeable marks on his face and at least one of his hand was on the receiving end of a bad paintjob. I hadn’t had a chance to examine that particular hand. My sis is still happy with her first Revoltech, regardless. Now, she wishes for a Luke to go with Layton. XD No pics yet. ;~;

-All’s quiet on the gunpla front. I haven’t bought the hobby cement or paint yet, and I guess I’m not too eager to build anything yet, still. Plus, a few…developments…have cropped up to further push back any plans to purchase new gunpla. ;;;

Yeah, so about those new developments…

Just preordered two very important items today. ;~; I was wondering if I should go online and reserve them since I was afraid of meeting with another LOL STOCK CUT CAUSED BY LICENSING PROBLEMS situation with local dealers, but it seems that there’s no risk of stock cut…for now. :D; So, one day after I received the email from my friendly local dealer, La Tendo’s cashier till rang as I paid for my deposits.

Shouldn’t be hard to guess what I got. XD

Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid has been on my cards for a long while, and I was saving to make sure I would have money for her if she became an exclusive by some ill stroke of luck. But thankfully, she’s been given a standard run, and GSC’s using their newer order system to boot so people don’t have to fight over POs. *_* Guess they’ve learnt from their experience with the K-On items.

This pose pretty much sealed the deal for me. I’ve already decided to pose her like this once she’s in my hands. C: I gotta admit that I’m not too optimistic with the quality of the final products, after Ritsu Nendo, and complaints of movie!Nanoha Nendo having terrible paintjobs and damaged accessories. >_>; I guess I’ll have to be extra careful with BRS, and pray, pray, pray that she doesn’t end up with missing or damaged accessories.

But wait, there’s more!?

I tend not to buy poseable figurines because I don’t nearly play with them enough to make them worth. Ryouko Figma has been stuck in the same pose for probably more than half a year. xD; Plus reading horror stories about how the nth Drossel Figma has lost one of her twin tail, or how Canaan Figma has lost an arm and a leg, only served to strengthen my resolve not to buy Figmas and to focus on Nendoroids and gunpla instead.

I managed to escape from Azusa Figma.

I couldn’t escape Black Rock Shooter. ):

So much for not getting another figma. xDDD She looked too good to resist. And even though I felt differently at first, I’m going to have to agree that the blue flame looks a lot better in the Figma than in the Nendoroid.

This was the pic that tempted me first. I really liked how peaceful she looks here. I know that some people don’t like how uneven her twin tails are, but the look really drew me in. Her uneven twin tails are part of her charm. XD

And this pic from good ol’ Amiami would prove to be my undoing. After seeing this, there was no turning back. But that’s okay, I’ve been limiting my spending all these months for a chance to go crazy once in a while. And today was it. And lucky for me, she’s been given a standard run as well and cost the same as a regular figma to boot! I’m not sure how to pose her yet, though not-so-secretly, I really want to try and copy the pose of the Anime Ver PVC so that since I can’t have the PVC, I could at the very least have a Poor Man’s Version of Anime Ver instead. xD

I’m also keeping my fingers crossed for her so that she doesn’t come with missing or damaged accessories or loose joints. One can only hope. :c

Black Rock Shooter Figma and Nendoroid – Preordered

That pretty much sums up March for me. XD I’ll probably be really silent in April too because my exams are in end-April. Gotta work extra hard!! I’ll see if I can slip in a post for Hitagi’s arrival though – please look forward to it!

Okay, now for that Business Finance test in the evening today…

All pics belong to Amiami and Mikatan.