le gasp, I am alive. 8O

There’s still a while to go till the end of this month, but I think it’s safe to say that this will be my loot for February. xD

Before I go on, just a mild heads up – I’d be very happy if you could not talk about milking/00 variants/00 sidestories. I get that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, therefore I respect your space and your freedom to say anything you want. All I ask in return is that you respect my space too. Thank you!

Blah, webcam pic.

These are my planned purchases for this month and I’m too broke to afford any more impulse purchases, so there you have it. XD High Grade 1/144 00 Seven Swords /G, and Bandai waterslide decals for PG 00R. The decals were brought from v2hw. I’ve heard about him and was initially expecting to wait for 3 days before hearing from him, but he sent me a text message arranging to meet up the day after I placed the order! I suppose I got lucky seeing as I placed the order during the weekend. In all, everything went smoothly, so for Singapore gunpla builders, if you’re prepared to wait to hear from him, I recommend him. =D

And HG 00/7S G…La Tendo estimated its arrival date to be last Friday, before the Lunar New Year holidays. I was disappointed that I had school that day and couldn’t come down to pick it up asap, but it turns out that the stock didn’t arrive until yesterday because it got held up by customs. XD I went down today, one day after its arrival in-store, and was told that it was already sold out, despite its rather hefty price tag. Luckily, I had preordered! Looks like someone’s popular..

I still have to pick up a bunch of supplies, namely cement and sandpaper. 00/7S G is going to be my first try at removing seamlines and completing with a matt finish. But that will have to wait till I’m done with this semester. Thankfully, I haven’t been bitten by the gunpla-building bug yet so waiting won’t be such a big deal. I still have to read up on loads of stuff before I can actually get started hahaha.

Before that, I should probably read up on my accounting notes first. =w=; Hurah, test next Saturday.