So WonFes is here.

Which means, buttload of figurine news!!

I WANT! I WANT!! Please don’t let this be an exclusive because I don’t have the means to try and secure another limited-release item. TT____TT She’s beautiful!! From the photo, the blue flame on her left eye seems to be opaque; doesn’t look like the lighting or the photo has anything to do with it either. ): Sad for no translucent flame, but AAAAH. BRS NENDO, PLEASE BE MINE. ;_;

More BRS, Dead Master items!! Plus Figma for both characters, plus Dead Master Nendo announced!! Please don’t let these be exclusives too… T_T Figma BRS’ cannon is looking mighty impressive.

Staple Stable started playing in my head – it’s Senjougahara!! Very interesting pose they’ve chosen – I see that the stationery that’s lower down are supported by each other, but what about the ones directly beneath her skirt? xD If I were more interested in scaled PVCs, this would have screamed ‘MUST GET’. Can’t wait to see the finished product!

More stuff, including Vanishment of Suzumiya Haruhi figmas/nendos and EVA 2.0 figmas.

And here she is, Azusa Figma. Luckily, no case of ‘love at first sight’, as was my experience with Azusa Nendo. XDD I guess deformed/chibified items are more attractive to me. Or it might be the photos. In any case, I guess I might skip this for BRS Nendo. xD

K-On! Ritsu and her mighty drum set spotted!! As is the Live Version of Mio and Ritsu Nendos. XD

And the 100th Nendoroid is

It’s nice to wake up to a barrage of figurine news. XDD

In the end, the WonFes pics didn’t change any plans. I still want BRS Nendo [more than ever, may I add], and I’m still unsold on Azusa figma. Time to start saving for BRS Nendo. :I Yeah, I’ll likely try and get her even if she’s an exclusive.

Also, there’re still loads more news. ~_~ My friend has picked up some very juicy news – like a Figma Senjougahara and Figma KOS-MOS – from /toy/, but I can’t go there to verify it myself. I’ll have to wait for all the news and images to be posted. It kind of feels like Radicon all over again. Figurine events, banzai. XD


… *adds Senjougahara and Sengoku Nadeko to my to-buy list* :|

Figma Archer.