Hey, guys.

It looks like she will be coming home to me after all.

Yep, her.

I’m not sure how much shipping is going to cost, but I’ll be going SAL, so it’s not going to cost a bomb or anything. xD Might be because the exchange rate is a little more forgiving today, but it looks like I might be able to get her at La Tendo’s normal Nendo price, maybe less. Of course, things can still change within 3 months.

Hah! I’m still shaking. XD I didn’t realize how much I wanted her until the PO started, and I went ahead and reserve without thinking too much. I’ll still have to talk to my friend about paying and stuff – why does Singpost not offer money orders to some countries :| – but she’s nearly here now. ;w; I haven’t felt happier. There is a silver lining in every dark cloud!

Now I hope my journey to obtain my next Nendo will be easier…this was a heart-stopping ride. xD; I’m unsure as to whether I want the imminent Azusa Figma. Right now, the Nendo is my priority and I have no real need for the Figma since I hardly play with my figurines. But I guess seeing GSC’s pics will make me change my mind. =w=;

Wow, I feel energized already. I was having itchy fingers after seeing people posting about new loot and the likes. It’s nice to have something to look forward to. xD