Firstly, oh SNAP. When the Mobip line released the K-On! figurines, I thought for sure that Figma was going to skip them. So much for that!! Things are becoming so unpredictable. I like the Figma version better than the Mobip one, but there’s still something lacking about the Figma. It doesn’t feel ‘Yui’ enough…perhaps it’s just me! o_O; Ui, on the other hand, is very cute! Seems like she’s going to go on sale at WonderFes. Limited edition item?

Looking forward to an Azusa!

This also attracted my attention. 1/48 Arbalest plamo! I’ve only managed to finish FMP’s manga, so I haven’t been able to actually see the mechs in action. XD; I guess this is going to be a pass for me, but I’m really looking foward to it.

Now for a confession.

I went to pre-order HG 00/7S with La Tendo after all. *bitter laugh* But before you throw rocks at me, I’ve also decided to forego Ryougi Shiki nendoroid. Tell me what is more viable, buying HAG’s gunpla and Nendoroid and saving 3, maybe 5, bucks, or buying just the gunpla from La Tendo and skip the Nendoroid and save about SGD50++. I think the answer is quite clear. xD In any case, if I really wanted to save those 3 or 5 bucks so much, I could always use my member points to chop off $6 off of the gunpla’s price. Don’t worry, rocklee, I’ll only start on the kit after my exams. I’m not too eager to go back to building stuff just yet. xD

As for Shiki, I sat down, thought it through and decided that I didn’t really want her all that much. It felt like I was only wanting to buy her for the sake of spending on and buying something – a trap that I want to avoid stumbling into this year. I’d rather save the money towards Azusa, while praying that Black Rock Shooter isn’t a limited edition item. XD

As for my pre-order, it seems that the max difference would probably be about SGD4, maybe SGD5 if I’m really unlucky. Feels a bit penny-wise and pound-foolish to go to all the trouble of waiting just to save that amount of money. Obviously if it were something like a MG, I’d choose to wait because the saving is really substantial. XD Otherwise, there just isn’t very much difference to make it worth. Or maybe I’m just spectacularly bad at being patient and waiting for kits that I really want. >_>

Anyway, besides the pre-order, I also invested in a couple of Tamiya Adhesives P400, just so I won’t forget about it and have nothing to work with whenever I want to try that no-paint method. xD Skipped buying paint, cement and thinner for the moment though – I need to read up more to decide which types I need [and I need to wait for the kit itself to see if I need the paint haha]. The decal setters can wait too. I’ll pick up metallic green Gundam Marker the next time I head out to pick up the kit.

Bought headphones too, just in case my current ones die. A lot of the headphones are so expensive – I guess it’s true that good things don’t come cheap. XD As for my sister, she bought a bunch of fiction. Yeah, from graphic novels to written fiction, after she fell in love with the Sherlock Holmes movie. xDDD Who says movies can’t encourage you to read, lol!

And that was my day. It’s fun to go shopping on a working day, when you’re not working. ^_- No big crowds to fight with. I feel more comfortable in big spaces than in crowded spots. Places like Suntec City and the City Link, which would have been chock-full of people, were relatively empty today. But the moment I went home, the MRT was filled with students going home ahaha… x.x