Hi, guys in SG, I need advice. XD

My regular store sent me their usual “yay we updated our preorder list \8D/” email, and in the list, 00/7S G is included. The member price is SGD31.50. x_o

Good thing about preordering from them is that the item arrives about a week after the release date in Japan, and this already looks set to be a popular kit so I’m expecting that it will be sold out very quickly if I don’t act fast enough. On the other hand, 31.50 bucks is close to shopping mall retail prices…

So, should I pay extra for the guarantee that I’ll get the kit, or should I wait for HAG’s sea shipment and better pricing but risk missing out?

Pre-orders close next week, so I need to make a choice soon. xD; Please help!

In other news, here have some prices from La Tendo xD
-Mega Size Model Gundam 1/48 Scale: SGD165.00
-MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai: SGD100
-MG Gundam 00 – Gundam Exia (Trans Am Mode): SGD115.00 >______>
-MG Gundam U.C. – Unicorn Gundam Video Ver. SP Pack: SGD145.00
– MG Gundam U.C. – MSN-06S Sinanju Ver.Ka Titanium Finish: SGD225.00 LOL

I’m still sitting on the idea of getting a Ryougi Shiki Nendo..