But we spend as though it does anyway.

I couldn’t not post about this.

MG Red Frame Kai is looking better and better, and this is coming from someone who initially dismissed it as a recolour. |D; For the record, I took a closer look at the pics after the initial news and noticed enough differences between Blue Frame and this kit which negate my earlier impression. One of my biggest pet peeves is reading people bash stuff even before they’ve been released, so I try not to do that myself. Firstly, 26 runners!! Blue Frame only had 13 runners, so where are the other 13 from? Maybe 1 runner for the plated blade, 1 runner [or 2?] for the sheaths and hilts, 1 for the customized display base. And display base – customized too, on top of that! Well, for 5,250Y, they had better included a display base. xD Also, sexier slimmer legs!

MG Exia Trans-Am Mode: 6,090Y!! What is this?? I’ll admit that the colour looks really pretty, especially that pink blade, and from what little I can glean from the description on HappinetOnline, there’s something about the GN-Drive in Trans-Am mode and red. Hrrmm. :||| Sorry, Exia, as much as I love your design, I really don’t need another Trans-Am colour kit…pass!

MG Unicorn OVA ver SP Pack. Price went up by about 500 yen ahaha…this one is also another giant MG, at 25 runners, though I suspect that the display cage probably takes up a good number of runners. I’m also expecting that the double beam gatling may be included for this SP Pack. The SP version costs more than 2000Y than the normal version, so just including a display cage for that price is kind of meek. Also, it looks like they’ve apparently worked on improving articulation and joints! Time will tell if this MG is a big step-up from the Ver Ka version.

HGUC ReZEL (Commander Unit). The time Bandai takes between churning out variation kits is getting shorter and shorter. XD Same for Figurise Super Saiyan.

HG 1/144 00 Gundam Seven Sword/G. The kit that I have been waiting for even before 00 Raiser showed up. Trans-Am Raiser’s CB base was meant for a 00/7S kit, but 00R kits and Robot Damashii 7S came and went without any sign of a 7S kit. I had been expecting a 1/100 kit because Avalanche Exia got my hopes up, but I’m more than happy to settle for a HG 1/144. The lack of clarification on whether the blades are going to come as clear green worries me though. Cherudim had nice clear blue parts, but all the 00R kits didn’t get any clear blue. Meh.. Also, 00/7S G technically can’t activate Trans-Am mode since one of its GN Drives has been replaced by a GN storage unit. The kit comes with 2 GN Drives, but 00 on its own = unstable Trans-Am mode, so hopefully this means we’re spared from recolours… XD

-Not in the post, but the Piplup Pokepla line interests me! In this Pokemon-collecting community on LiveJournal, I’ve seen a number of the Lugia and Cyndaquil-line Pokepla, and both lines received good feedback, so I’m looking forward to picking one up for the Piplup line. I don’t think the kits will pose much of a challenge, but that’s fine with me – big projects are fun, but so are the small ones! Zoids+Gundam may be an unrealisable dream, but at the very least, I can fulfill another dream which combines two franchises I love very much. xD

The MG Gundam kits are getting more and more expensive, but they also come with more and more parts. 25, 26 runners is comparable to PG Strike’s number of runners. Good thing or bad?

In any case, MG Red Frame Kai is giving me some idea as to how a MG 00R might look like. I’d love a customized base, for one; otherwise I don’t think they’ll include more weapons. Doing so would be mirroring what the PG already comes with. Bandai’s ingenious when it comes to making people part with their money, so they’ll find a way to make the MG kit look enticing even to me. xP If by some miracle they include 7S parts with MG 00R, I will be very weak and susceptible to the kit’s poisoning! x_x

Anyway, out of all the awesome releases planned up to March, I just have 2 items on my to-get list. I’ve had enough of getting milked by Bandai so I’m moving on to buying stuff from GSC LOL. Best to control ‘population growth’ in this house – you know, limited resources and all…