I had the pleasure of dropping by Zoid.us, and chanced upon this page. Having looked through a number of his Zoid review pages, I was surprised to see a page in which he detailed the construction of the massive beast known as the King Gojulas.

The construction pics are further down the page by the way, and made me nostalgic, because woah, TOMY Zoid models!! Blast from the past. @_@ I’ve mentioned before that TOMY Zoid models were my first contact with hobby modeling, so it was quite the treat strolling down memory lane. XD

I like that the King Gojulas box comes with a handle a la PG gunpla boxes. XD But check out the parts – they are very big. That’s right, unlike Kotobukiya and their tinytiny parts, TOMY provided you with body halves to start off with, and an entire pre-assembled motor to power the model’s gimmicks. Death Saurer was the same too. They do come with a lot of nice molded details, but the parts were gigantic, which meant that most of the parts were of one colour. I haven’t seen anyone with a painted TOMY Zoid model though… XD

If Kotobukiya’s Zoid kits are akin to Bandai’s MG grade line, then TOMY must be something like the early HG series, except TOMY used better and sturdier material for their models as far as I can remember. I was a pretty unskilled modeler back then, and I’ve only encountered one breakage which was due to my own error. That doesn’t mean that the TOMY Zoid models were easy to build though – the limbs are really quite a task to contend with, because you have a lot of sliding and connecting parts to ensure that the limbs can move when the motor starts up. Plus if you’re building a four-legged Zoid, you’ll have four limbs to worry about. >____> And the giant dinosaur-type Zoids have really long tails, which are made of even more connecting parts… xD

Aha, and I see those grey bolt-like things on the King Gojulas’ tail. Bandai’s kits have polycaps, and TOMY Zoid kits have these things. I don’t know how to explain it, but once you assemble a part, you connect it to another part, and then use the grey bolts to hold the parts together, if that makes sense.

Stickers? I never used them on mine. T_T I’ve forgotten how they look like, but I’m guessing they’re not very different from the clear stickers that our Bandai kits come with.

That’s really it for today. I didn’t manage to start on decals even though I planned to finish up the decals today. Chanced upon this site and decided to share a little bit of my childhood. XD