So, I saw that people were sharing their 2009 loot on, and I thought that I should do the same, just to cap off a year of great spending. xD At the same time, since moemoekyun asked me about my collection, I’ve also taken a few pics to show you where I keep my collection [as well as why I keep complaining about lack of space lol].

On to the pics, usual warnings for bad photos, bad lighting, etc etc. This post will be very long. xD

I got back into Pokemon the big way! 2009 wasn’t the first time I heard about Pokemon plushes – I got my first Pokedoll, which was a Dialga, in about 2007, I think, and as you can see, I haven’t really stopped since then. XD Currently taking a break from expanding my Pokemon plush collection. They released Pokedolls for Latios, Lugia and Suicune and a Red Gyarados plush, but I haven’t had a chance to get any of those. ): Gundam and Nendos have my finances completely tied up. xD A good number of these plushes are actually gifts from friends. :D And the giant Skitty plush is from Yahoo Japan Auctions.

More shots of my plush pile, which will either screw the perspective of the pic or give you a headache.

In this year alone, I got:
God Arceus
-Giratinas [x2]
-Shadow Lugia
-Skitty!! [[I had to go through a middleman to obtain her, but everything went smoothly. So happy!!]]

Banpresto DX Plush
-Skitty [[She’s giant, and stands at 30 cm. C: And so so precious]]

UFO plush
-Skitty [[Seeing a pattern? What pattern? 9_9]]

Not plushes, but just as important to my collection. The Lucario on the extreme right is a TOMY figurine. A gift from my friend on LJ, who helped me obtain my Giratina Pokedolls. <3 The other three sets with bases are zukan figurines. They’re tiny – even smaller than my Setsuna PPPs, because they’re made at a 1/40 scale! Despite their small size, they’re very detailed. It’s a pity that mass-production has kind of ruined some of their paint and features. xD;; All my zukans were bought online.



I took a break from Pokemon collecting and divebombed into gunpla collecting. ^_~ The picture has murdered the details on the kits, but I assure you that the only one that hasn’t gone under the panel lining marker is the SD Strike Freedom. The kits that need painting are still not painted yet though… The Celestial Being stand was bought last year, I included it in because I didn’t want to deal with removing the Trans-Am Raiser from its stand. X_X

-HG 1/144 O Gundam A.C.D
-HG 1/144 00 Raiser Designer Colours Ver.
-HG 1/144 Ahead Smultron
-HG 1/144 Gundam Exia Repair II
-HG 1/144 Gundam Throne Drei [[I’ll say it now that if Bandai is ever kind enough to release MGs of the Thrones, Drei is so going on my to-buy list. xD]]
-HG 1/144 Trans-Am Raiser Gloss Injection Ver.
-MG 1/100 Gundam Exia [[Almost completed! I’m just left with decals and clear stickers]]
-SD 00 Raiser [[^*(#%*(#&^@!]]
-SD Strike Freedom

Not bad! I thought I had assembled less kits this year because of my Pokemon plush obsession. XD Some of these kits [like Designer Colours and Strike Freedom]] were trades with a friend.

Mini Setsuna figurines that I got in the course of the year! And that box thing, you can’t see very clearly; it was an Animate-exclusive accessory set that KKnM nicely brought in. ^^ I was lucky, yet not, because I wanted two sets, one for myself and one for a friend, but I went down late, and by the time I went down, only one set for Setsuna was left! The sadder thing was that the customer before me bought a complete set of the four Meisters!! T__T The box is perfectly mint – I didn’t even take it out of its packaging. xD And yeah, I’m displaying it in the same place as my figurines.

Animate item
-Setsuna set

Calendar Character Figurines
-January Setsuna
-August Setsuna
-December Setsuna
All of them were obtained from Yahoo Japan Auctions. The deputy fees took a big chunk out of my pocket. T_T

Prop Plus Petit
-Gundam 00 First Season – Setsuna A
-Gundam 00 First Season – Setsuna B
-Gundam 00 Second Season – Setsuna A
-Gundam 00 Second Season – Setsuna B
-Gundam 00 Second Season Vol 2 – Saji
-Gundam 00 Second Season Vol 2 – Setsuna A
-Gundam 00 Second Season Vol 2 – Setsuna B
-Gundam History – Setsuna
-Animage Exclusive – Setsuna [x2]

:D :D

Books!! I also buy a couple of manga series [ie Negima and Pokemon Adventures], but it was a big hassle trying to track down which books I did buy this year, so I left them out. xD

-Gundam 00 Second Season Official File Vol 1
-Gundam 00 Second Season Official File Vol 2
-Gundam 00 Second Season Official File Vol 3
-Gundam 00 Second Season Official File Vol 4
-Gundam 00 Second Season Official File Vol 5
-Gundam 00 Second Season Official File Vol 6
-Dear Meisters COMIC&ARTS by Kouga Yun
-Gundam 00 Aoi no Kizuna by Shiguma Tarou

The only Keropla I got. XD This is what happens when you get poisoned. ChibiKero! This little guy will have to wait when I feel less afraid about tackling sanding. =P

And three items that I forgot to take pics of // couldn’t take pics of:

-Robot Damashii Regnant
-HGIF B-side Characters: Louise Halevy

-Perfect Grade 1/60 00 Raiser

-Custom Plush Setsuna F. Seiei

Gundam 00 2010 Calendar

Regnant and 00R are on the same boat – they’re both wrapped up and stored away so it’s a big hassle to take them out just for a few photos. I clean forgot about Louise – she’s a gift from a con-going friend. *_* And the custom plush, you guys already know about. XD And the calendar was rolled up and stuffed into a dark drawer with its other calendar cousins.

Nothing in way of Nendos and figma – I got completely poisoned by Pokemon plushes. x___x I’m slowly recovering from the poison and have developed a temporary resistance against further Pokemon poison. xD Which now leaves me partially vulnerable to Nendo poison, oh my god.

Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten that I’ll be showing my collection in this post too. xD

TOMY Death Saurer! And two unused coin banks and a box of batteries. This is possibly the biggest kit I’ve built to date, and for some odd reason, I keep forgetting about this poor guy. ;__; He’s in a pretty loved state too, and more than a little dusty. xD The gun turrets on his nose got broken by my Mom, and I still haven’t fixed that yet. ||| He stands at 30 cm tall, and his tail is even longer than he is tall. He’s battery-operated, so when you switch him on, he walks, chomps his teeth, and his arms move up and down while his tail swings side to side [with a little help from gravity, afaik the tail isn’t battery-operated]. Very impressive – I wish I could have done a better job on him! He was too big for my cupboard, so he goes on top, and silently reigns over his empire. xD

Hurhur, this is a very bad pic, but this is where 97% of my collection resides! 0.5% are in my room, and the other 2.5% are scattered elsewhere or stored away. I opened the doors because if I didn’t do that, the glass doors would reflect light from the window and make the whole thing difficult to see. And the stack of chairs which will always be there blocked off a part of my Zoid collection at the lowest left hand corner of my cabinet. >:| And yeah, the top left hand corner holds my female figurines. XD Can you see Lacus and her Big Pinkish-White Dress? Gundam 00 Heroines Louise Halevy is just right next to her, but she’s blocked away by the door *^(#%#.

Pardon the darkness – it’s not easy to take pics of the insides of a cabinet. And here’s my first MG – the Wing Custom Zero. I had a pretty bad accident with this guy, and broke one of his smaller wing covers into two. >____> So now he has this ugly seam where the line of breakage is. And I haven’t even panel lined him. ):

The home to the majority of my Setsunas lmao. The HG 1/144 kits are in the compartment above this, and SD 00 Raiser is to the diagonal left.

That’s really about it. I wish I had more exciting stuff to show, but it’s hard to take exciting pics with no good camera. xDD

Anyway, I still do have a bit of space left in the top centre compartment, but MG Exia is going to take up a huge chunk of that small space. HG 00/7S G is going to take up what’s left, which doesn’t leave me with a lot of choices in displaying space. :V

Don’t be too alarmed by my horrific spending I’m sure some of you spend even more xDDD; you just caught me in a particularly ~prosperous~ year LOL. Back when I liked SEED and Destiny a few years ago, I would buy entire sets of Heroines figurines and other gacha figurines just to display them, but for the years after that, I didn’t really spend on anything. Okay, so I can’t really claim that I’ll “definitely spend less” in the coming year, in fact, I think I’ll be tempted to spend even more. But I’ll have to control myself now. I’m going to have to be really picky when it comes to getting what I want. I have a monthly budget to stick to. I’m sure I can do it. x)

But the new year isn’t here yet…and I already have 4 items to look forward to! Bakemonogatari Nendo Puchis, Azusa Azusa Azusa, and a HG. Moreover, next year is Gunpla’s 30th Anniversary. This certainly doesn’t bid well for me. xD

In any case, an early Happy New Year to you all!! May 2010 be a fruitful year for you. XD