From: Alafista

Well, I can already hear La Tendo’s cashier till ringing as I hand over my deposit for a preorder.

I wonder if she’s going to come with nekomimi. ^n.n^

In other news, yes I am alive. Yes, I am still working away on MG Exia. I’m left with only the GN Sword and its shield [and decals and stickers which I’ll leave for another day], but at the rate I’m going, I’ll never get it done by today.

I was going to do another post too, but I have to see if I can get Exia completed first ahaha. OTL

Protip – If you don’t build kits on a very regular basis, don’t try tackling a MG with a tight deadline in mind. On a brighter note, doing that has turned me off building anything for the next 4 months lmao, giving me complete focus to the upcoming semester. Ow my fingers. x_x