I went out today again, for what is probably my last shopping trip of this year. xD

Nothing much today – I went out to pick up my calendar and place a preorder for a set of figurines. Orchard is just as crowded as usual, the trains are surprisingly packed. It feels like a weekend at the shopping centres. xD;

Picked up Pokemon Adventures 31 for a friend, and sister got another of those HOW TO DRAW books. XD She struggled between a new graphic novel and the How to Draw, but in the end, she stuck with the How to Draw. Kinokuniya had another Gundam Weapons book, and the PG was on the cover. ;_; I passed on it though; I could use the money for the book for a HG kit. xD;

Stopped by KFC for lunch. I think I’ve officially grown sick of fast food lunches. Also, the toy fair is still there, but the Gundam section has shrunk to be replaced by…posters and tiny hugpillows of anime girls. Hrmmm. I didn’t go down to take a look but from where I was standing I could also vaguely make out a really big Lelouch picture. Wonder what that was.

Stopped over at Orchard Central to check it out; the mall’s layout is really confusing and bad. :/ Sister made me take a really long elevator which stretched from the 4th Level to the 7th level. That wouldn’t have been so bad, except it was located outside of the building so when you look over the railing, you can see the traffic and buildings below. TT______TT Just realized again that I never quite got over my fear of heights. I was clinging to the railing which faced the building and refusing to budge until we reached the 7th floor. xD

After lunch, we dropped by KKnM in Sunshine Plaza where I picked up my 2010 Gundam 00 calendar. xD There was also a guy there picking up his stuff. Cue lots of oppai jokes. XDD Surprisingly, KKnM still has a Mio plush left, but just one. They also have a Mio Nendoroid on sale. :V Both were foregone by yours truly. 9_9;

Also dropped by Hobby Art Gallery, where the male boss is by his lonesome self having lunch. xD;;; The store is stocked full with the PGs and they still have a bunch of PG Astray and one Pearl Coat WZC stocked high up. I saw MG RX-78-2 2.0 too, and SD Sonken Korinpaku, but both my sister and I didn’t succumb. xDD;; Now is a pretty bad time to buy kits. Next time, Gundam, next time! Seems that the sample PG 00R has disappeared from the shop though. ;________; Will the bosses build another one? They also had the clear versions of HG Exia R2 and O Gundam ACD, complete with the gorgeous boxart. XD

Made a call to La Tendo and found out that Bakemonogatari NenPuchi Set 1 is still open for pre-orders!!! Hightailed to Kallang [which is much easier now that I was told of a shortcut XD] and quickly placed a preorder. *____* Hitagi NenPuchi, you’ll be mine! It turned out that the preorders for that particular set close on 5th Jan, so yeah, I got there with plenty of time to spare. XD

Headed home after La Tendo, but we dropped by La Tendo first so that I could pick up an envelope. After getting the envelope, I went to Popular next. The larger-than-usual crowd and longer-than-usual lines at the cashiers’ remind me that school is about to reopen soon… XD

And now I’m back home! What did I do to the calendar? Dumped it into the drawers with other calendars I’ve amassed in my time as an anime fan. ~_~; Thinking back now, I’m not even sure why I bothered getting them hahaha. As soon as they go in there, they don’t see the light of the day again.

Not many responses to my Dengeki Hobby post, but I won’t give up. xD Once it’s released, I’ll ask again to see if anyone’s getting the magazine and isn’t interested in the DVD. Worst comes to worst, I’ll wait for Youtube or Nico. I’m sorry, I’m too cheapskate to pay for a magazine I won’t read… |D

Starting work again on MG Exia tomorrow!