Ah, geez, I keep posting.

Just out of curiosity, is anyone getting next month’s Dengeki Hobby? I only want the PG 00 Raiser DVD and production guide furoku [why, how did you guess? |D;] so I was hoping that someone would kindly sell it to me. ;w; I’m more than happy to pay any reasonable amount – if I have to buy it from one of you overseas, I’d do it too.

Is anyone willing to help me? XD

In other news, I found a buyer for Tsubasa Cat, so Bakemonogatari Set 1 is good to go. ^^||| I’m still trying to find someone who may be interested in Suruga from Set 2 haha. Well what do you know; Tsubasa Cat’s future owner has also decided to take Suruga off of me if no one else is interested. xD I hope La Tendo’s preorders for Set 1 are still open…