Whoops, I started slacking off on MG Exia yesterday, didn’t get anything done today again, and will be going out tomorrow. >_<; Looks like I'll have to start work again on Christmas Eve. xD

This year has been a bumper crop of new additions to my collection, figurine and gunpla, and I was really looking forward to giving my wallet a break and concentrate on just saving for HG 00/7S G and the movie kits next year. XD;

So much for that!! There was a deluge of merchandise news today which made my wallet flinch in pain.

Firstly, Bakemonogatari Nendoroid Puchi Set 2! T_T I should have expected this, after the first set. I’ve yet to finish the series, but I want Nadeko!! And I haven’t even gotten my hands on Hitagi from the first set yet. La Tendo’s doing preorders for the first set, and I’m sure they’ll get the second set too. I have no money for the first set haha, but I’ll keep saving for the second set. Maybe I’ll find people to share the set with me. Anyone wants Kanbaru and Hachikuji?? xD

Secondly, and this should come as no surprise xD HG 1/144 00/7S G. Remember that Celestial Being stand I gave to the Trans-Am Raiser? I was actually going to save it for a 00/7S kit which I kept expecting Bandai to release. I was anticipating 00/7S’s arrival ahead of 00R’s, only to be disappointed when the Robot Damashi was released instead. Now that the kit has seen the light of the day, I don’t intend on missing out on it. :P I wonder if there’re any place that takes preorders on HG kits; La Tendo stopped doing that ages ago, and I don’t know if HAG does. I guess I might call it up when more info is available.

It’s not even 2010 and I already have 2 items on my to-buy list. xD;; And this is not including items like the Bakemonogatari Set 1 and already released kits like MG RX-78-2 2.0 that I want to get haha. I’m also expecting a lot of new stuff like a possible Azusa Nendo, the movie kits…

I should just concentrate on passing my next semester instead. x_x

Before anyone asks, MG Exia Trans-Am is a no-buy for me. xDDD I like Exia, but not enough to buy TWO Trans-Am kits of him. I’m also willing to bet that they’re not going to redesign the runners either so you’re left with nasty and visible nubs that are hard to clean up. Personally, I think Bandai releasing a MG Trans-Am kit is pushing it a little too far. Bundling a GN Arms with it would also be too much for my wallet and too generous on Bandai’s behalf. More original kits instead of recolours please!!