Warnings again for very bad photos. You’d think that by now I’d have grasped a certain method on how to make webcam photos look okay. >_>;

Anyway, I’ve been working on this MG kit for 5 days and counting. So let’s see how far I’ve come!


Oh, it’s just the box containing my finished parts. xDD

So these were what I was working on yesterday and today. I included the torso to try and show how it looks like now with all the decals in place. I’ve forgotten that webcams just aren’t built to pick up minor details. OTL Yeah, I tried out dry transfers for the first time today, and I can only say that I’m very bad at them. X___X They need a TON of patience, and they’re best done when you’re not feeling tired after an entire day of building. I ruined a number of them, and lost a couple due to carelessness. ARGH.

You can’t see it from the picture, but I moved the decal too soon for the one on the upper right part of the torso, so all I have is a mangled white mess there ahaha…luckily, the other 3 turned out all right. The clear sticker surprisingly turned out okay too. I guess I’ve somewhat managed to learn how to remove clear seals properly. xD

I didn’t take a better pic of the right arm, which I just finished today lmao. Yeah, I took one entire day to finish one arm! I’ve already forgotten the scale of work required for a MG. ;_; At this rate, I’ll take more than a week to complete it. XD But I digress. Assembly of the arm went well though getting PC13 into place was a pain. Same thing for the hologram part. The fingers were fun to assemble, but the nubs left tiny white marks behind again. ~_~ They’re not really noticeable, which is a good thing. Decals were okay for the majority. The clear stickers were PERFECT. I’m so happy I managed to align them properly. xD I ruined another decal [again!], this time it’s the one for the back of the arm. Should have transferred the decal over first before assembling the entire arm. x_x Well, no use for regrets now. I’ve already made a note in the manual for the left arm so hopefully I won’t ruin this one too. ^^;;;

And believe it or not, I spent the whole of yesterday assembling Exia’s head too. OTL But that’s not because the parts were complicated. Exia’s head doesn’t come with a lot of parts. I simply had trouble trying to make sure that the yellow sideburns stayed in place &^$*#@ They didn’t really snap together, and were just slot-in parts, and they dropped out often while I was assembling the head so I had to undo the sides and make sure that the sideburns were in place. =_=||| I finally resorted to adjusting one of the sideburns so that they were protruding a little. It’s not too obvious unless you stare really hard and know what you’re looking for, and it keeps the sideburn in place, so I’m fine with that.

Luckily, decal problems were non-existent with the head. |D; They went on nicely and are aligned just fine too. Same goes for the stickers. Phew!

It looks like I’m taking a long time with this kit lmao, but that’s because I’m a slow worker. I sand a lot to remove nubs, and I have the computer in front of me so I often take small breaks here and there. xDDD;; I wonder how I managed sitting down and doing my kits in one setting before. x_x

Exia isn’t really complicated so far. There’re a few annoying parts here and there, but nothing that makes me go “Damn, this kit is tough”. Then again, I still have an arm, two legs, a shield and 6 swords to finish [ah, Project Seven Swords. How could I have forgotten.] so that might change…

I feel like my back is about to break. T_T I’m gonna stop work for today. I’m not sure if I can build on Tuesday since that’s when my relatives are coming over for a family gathering [not for Christmas xDD but for Winter Solstice (Dongzhi)]. I feel like I’m going to spend the rest of my vacation building this MG LOL. Not a bad way to end my holidays. xP

But before my holidays end, I’ll need to pick up a calendar I preordered. And maybe sit on the idea of getting a Gaddess now that I have extra space to hide kits… >.>

I’m already having school blues. :|

nice boat Family portrait. :D