Setsuna F. Seiei – super serious Gundam idiot.

Well I gotta apologise for the quality of the images in this post. x_x I closed up too much onto the subjects in certain photos so they look really blurry and out-of-focus even after editing. Taking pics with a webcam is really hit and miss.

Not an awful lot to say today. I started earlier and ended later than yesterday and I still haven’t finished the body unit. ^^; My friend is also still working on the body unit, now that she has just woken up.

Spent more time sanding and making sure that the surfaces are well-sanded, now that I understand what I’m supposed to do, and the difference is really clear. Now I’m making real progress. XD Sanding is really hard work – my arms, shoulders and back are all aching now and I still have a LOT more to cover… |D;

The compounds work really nicely, of course! And while sanding, I see how that no-paint-matt-finish method Chubbybots shared way back works. If I get my hands on another HG kit, I’m tempted to give it a try and see how it turns out. :>

I worked on the kit for about 6 hours + today! And this is what I have:

I’ve been working on 1/144 kits for so long that I’ve forgotten how sizeable the 1/100 ones are. xD; I was pretty surprised by the size.

Sorry for the really bad photo! I’ve fitted it with the…red unit [I think it’s a GN storage unit? Or maybe it’s just a cover that doesn’t really serve a purpose. XD].

Setsuna makes a note so that we don’t forget where to pick up from tomorrow. :V I think I’m going to be working on this for a whole week.

…hahaha, the pile of runners give the illusion that I got nothing done. |D;

And this is how my work desk look right now. x_X The palette is a lie – I thought I’d need it and so far, all I’ve used it for is to hold my sandpaper, extra compound and provide a place for me to draw paint from the Gundam Marker. My sis is using my desk again so I’m confined to the computer desk. \o/

And that’s all for today. XD It looks like the head and the arms are coming up next. If I’m lucky, I might get the right arm completed.

I’ll leave you this pic of FG? 1/100 Setsuna and SD PPP Setsuna.

My fingers hurt. XDDD

Oh, a visit to Gunpla Inochi just reminded me. Now that Japan’s getting a lot stricter about exporting chemicals and stuff like topcoat and the works, does this affect places like Hobby Art Gallery and Hobby Point? :/ If online sites can’t sell them, then it’d make sense to think that brick-and-mortar stores here will also be affected, as horrifying as the thought is…

Any comments? :c