Well, today’s weather was very good – until I returned home and got caught in a downpour! Looks like rain will follow me no matter where I go. xD;

Luckily, it wasn’t a very big downpour, so I managed to return home mostly dry.

Other than that, it was a pretty good day! Nice, sunny weather without being overly warm, accompanied by a comfortable breeze.

[[It started raining very hard again while I’m typing up this entry. XD;;;]]

My wandering took me to three places today – Heartland Mall, Compass Point and Liang Court. We went to the first two because my sis wants to find some stuff. Heartland Mall failed her, but I managed to persuade her to drop by Hobby Point for my gunpla window shopping needs. I fail at window shopping, because I left the store with a Tamiya paintbrush and a gray Gundam Marker. ;;;;

I didn’t see MG RX-78-2 Ver2.0, but I did see other kits that I’d like to get some time soon, namely MG Zeta 2.0 and MG Unicorn. Zeta was about SGD81-ish! I’m so tempted to get one, but I’ll wait. ;_; I also saw SD Turn A Gundam, SD Dendrobium and SD CCA kits. They were cute [and cheap]. xD

Funny thing about the paintbrushes – Hobby Point Kovan has a pretty good selection, but when you’re faced with too many choices, you end up questioning yourself over whether this is the item you need, or whether that brand is better, as well as why this item is more expensive than the other when they all look the same! I went with a cheap Tamiya brush in the end. Mr Hobby’s brushes are more than 4 times the price of the brush I got…

And even when I chose to go with the cheaper Tamiya brushes, the Tamiya selection was also not shabby, so they had brushes like “HF Precision Brush Small”, “HF Precision Brush Super Slight”, “Precision Brush Small”, “Precision Brush Medium”, and, yeah. I had no idea what the differences are, but in the end, I went with a Precision Brush Medium.

Moral of story: Always do research before you go out and buy tools. xD; It helps a lot. Even something as simple as brushes can come in more than 5 different kinds..

I got a Gundam Marker Gray for the legs of the HGs and the SDs too. I forgot clean about getting some blue paint, but I can leave that to when I actually start planning work on the relevant kit. In the mean time, I’ll keep reading up on painting and stuff. ^^;

After that, we went further up to Compass Point for lunch and to resume search for my sis’s stuff. She got what she wanted! Spent more time making fun of the bootleg consoles sold there. XD I like that while game consoles have come a really long way from the days of pixels, bootleg consoles are still stuck in Pixel Land. We found a console that looked like a Gameboy Advance SP, but it only plays 4 games [including pixel!Soccer and pixel!Street Fighter xD;;;]. They also had one that looks a little like the Nintendo DS, except you literally change the screen when you want to play other games. Bootleg consoles are weirdly interesting.

After that, we went all the way to Clarke Quay and started walking to Liang Court. The locality map displayed at the MRT station was pretty misleading. I thought we’d need to walk real far, but it turns out that if you walk a little further up from Central, you can see the building clearly. XD

Nothing much to talk about for our trip to Liang Court…the Kino there is still selling the magazine with the Unicorn Head display base, at SGD36.00. ^^;; It’s still an alternative though. I was pretty surprised to see it still in stock since I was expecting people to clear out stocks. XD I’m waiting for next month’s magazine – not going to lie, the PG 00R production DVD furoku has my attention. ^_~

Also, Meidi-Ya at Liang Court sells the UCC Evangelion coffee which was sold at AFA 09. xDDD And yes, shock! They still have Asuka and Rei cans. I forgot to check the price though. They also have the purple Jagabee I talked about yesterday lol. Yours for the price of SGD1.90. I didn’t buy it after all; I guess my timidness when it comes to trying new food got the better of me.

Liang Court also has a Gothic Lolita fashion-cum-dollfie store called Atsuki GL. Enamoured by the LUTS dollfies on display and seduced by the DDs on Figure.FM, the girly side in me actually briefly entertained the thought of obtaining a dollfie for the purpose of dolling it up, but the moment I remembered stuff like ‘staining’ and ‘scratches’, the thought was quickly squashed. ^^; Not to mention, I’d probably make for a terrible mother because I like displaying my things, not taking them out to play and shoot. xD No doubt if I ever obtain a dollfie for some bizarre reason, the poor thing would be shoved into a cabinet…

I’ll stick to my plushes and Gunplas and think about dollfies when I actually have a steady income. =) Speaking of dollfies, my friend actually obtained a superb item weeks back. I’m not sure if she’s comfortable with me sharing it, and I keep forgetting to ask haha. But if I take the link down, you know why. XD Project BM Setsuna F. Seiei!

To make a long story short, Project BM Setsuna has been on my friend’s wishlist ever since she knew about the existence of the item. She was browsing an online shopping site and found him on sale at retail price. She talked to me, we freaked out a bit, and decided that it was just too incredible to let go. She had the money, he was there, yelling to be brought home with no deputy fees, and even if this whole thing was just too good to be true, we decided she should go for it and take a chance.

She took a chance. We waited.

And the online site sent her an email, saying that Project BM Setsuna was now out of stock.

): I still remember how disappointed I feldtfelt! She was too, and simply said that someone else probably bought it at the actual store first. But then, the online site sent her another email afterwards, saying that she got the item lmao. She thought it was all an automated process, until the online site emailed her again a few days later, invoicing her for the item and the shipping. o_O

By now, things were starting to look up. The online site even gave her a tracking number, and after a long wait, Project BM Setsuna is finally in her hands. =) She got a great deal – Project BM Setsuna was actually a Tamashii Webshop limited item, so any non-Japanese collector who wanted him had to go through a deputy service to get him. And my friend didn’t need to go through all that extra expenses. All she did was wait, and take a gamble.

I’m a “pre-order-as-soon-as-news-is-out” person, because I don’t like missing out on stuff, but good things really do come to those who wait. And my friend is a happy example of that. ♥ Keep waiting, keep checking, keep believing!

Well, this entry certainly turned out long. ^^; I’m not too sure what I plan to do over the next few weeks till school reopens. I’m still waiting for my booklist so that I can start selling my old books and buy the new textbook I need. I guess I can start by painting parts for the small number of kits that need painting. I’m also reminded once more that I forgot to get metallic green for the SDs’ GN Condensors! OTL Maybe finish up MSG and start on 08th MS Team…

This might sound weird, but I really can’t wait to start school. xD; I’ve played more than enough this semester and this break, and I’m more than ready to chiong and pass that course so that I can progress. >.<