I just saw a new Calbee Jagabee advertisement on TV! And for once, Youtube doesn’t have it. |D;

But it seems like the purple Jagabee is going to hit shelves here soon. The chips have an interesting colour – makes me think of yam.

I like the normal Jagabee chips, but I’m not sure if I want to try the purple one. The colour of the potato chips looks so otherworldly that I’m kind of reluctant, even if the review was favourable. XDD;; It looks like it’s going to have a limited run.

Would you try purple potato chips? XDDD

Nothing much going on today. I’m heading out tomorrow, and my destination is nowhere. I just want to take advantage of the recent nice weather. XD Maybe get a paintbrush, ogle at some MG kits, and generally have a long window shopping trip before school starts again.