Yes, I’m alive.

No, I’m not working on the PG. XDDD I found it a little amusing that my friend asked if I was quiet because of the kit.

In fact, I haven’t been doing anything besides stalking places for the PG reviews…I guess you can say I had a most unproductive week. *weak chuckle*

I’ve been following, American Salaryman, and, along with a smattering of forum posts here and there, and so far, only Dalong has completed his PG. From what little I can glean from Google Translate, his impressions and concerns are the same as everyone else’s – no inner frame details, good joints, gimmicks etc. His was less flattering than MrRithinya21 who sang praises about the kit haha. rrobert184 has put his on hold because he wants to take his time; SeiyuuTV appears to have completed her O Raiser so all that’s left is the video showing the gattai docking sequence.

Watching other people assemble kits makes me too lazy to build my own. xDD

I still have two kits left: chibiKero and MG Exia. I kind of want to assemble my MG before the year ends, but at the same time, I want to spread what little backlog I have over time so that it can tide me over until the 00 movie kits come out. Plus, I kind of want to make MG Exia my testbed for water decal usage [and topcoat… >_<]. Or maybe I'll invest in the inevitable NG 00 Qan[T] and make that my guinea pig instead. Ahhh plans.

3 more weeks before school starts again. Time to scrimp and save again, and concentrate on school work so that I pass this time round. :V

To make this post less boring, have a question!
If you had to part with your collection for various reason(s), what would be the ONE item you’d keep?

This is a cruel question to ask a collector lmao. ;_; Even I can’t settle on just one – so many items flashing in my mind as I struggle to choose…will I keep my PG kit? Or RD Regnant? Or my Skitty DX plush? Or my Gundam Heroines Lacus Clyne figurine? Or Best Heroines Stellar Loussier figurine??

I think I’ll settle for something expensive and hard to find, and then hope that I’ll be able to track down the rest eventually. XD So my choice is either RD Regnant, PG+base, or Skitty DX plush. Maybe I’ll openly keep one and secretly store away the other two. LOL.

What about you? If you ever found yourself in such a situation [touch wood!], what would you choose? XD