I forget that WordPress doesn’t act like LiveJournal and only shows my latest update! OTL For those anticipating the PG 00R post, it’s already up here. xD

It feels weird diluting the PG 00 Raiser post with figurine pics, so I’ve decided to split them up. XD This post is a collection update of sorts, since I’ve gained quite a few new items for another side collection of mine.

When I first saw these PPPs, I thought they looked like aliens, but when I got the 2nd Season set as part of a mass order buy, I couldn’t get enough of them and tried tracking down the rest!

Total Strength: 9
All I lack is the Wana!Setsuna, which was a gift from NEWTYPE long ago. They pop up once in a while on Yahoo!Japan Auctions, and they could go for anywhere between 2500Y~5000Y. OTL So yeah…unless someone is selling it for really cheap, which I highly doubt, I won’t be getting it. Not actively searching for that either.

And here are the newbies!
The PPP at the most right is the Innovator!Setsuna from the 30th Anniversary set. :D Got it off eBay.sg for a GREAT price of SGD6, which at that time worked out to lower than the retail price in Japan. What made it even better was that it was COD, cash-on-delivery, so that eliminated shipping costs.
The one at the most left is the casual!Setsuna from the very first PPP set. I’ve been looking for it for a long time ever since I got the season1!pilotSetsu PPP off an LJ seller, but they never appear on eBay anymore and getting one of Yahoo!Japan Auctions is expensive. >_< So when this was sent to me by an LJ friend as a birthday gift, I was surprised and delighted. XDDD So much gratitude for that friend!! ;_;
And the one in the middle—wait.

Seeing double?? These are actually magazine exclusives that are only available in Japan, and a few lucky Livejournal sellers got their hands on them and were selling them. I had all but given up hope for these because they always appeared whenever I was short on cash, and then my friends sent them to me as birthday gifts!!! ;_; I love them both very much and I’ve displayed them in the front row of my Setsu compartment. <3333 Look at their tiny hats!! ;____; THANK YOU, YOU GUYS!!! ♥

And a comparison between S2!pilotSetsu and Innovator!Setsu. Innovator!Setsu’s eyes aren’t a very bright gold… xD

And that’s really it! I should probably do a full collection update one day. XD