So, I met with a considerable setback today – to make a long story short, I failed a subject and have to retake it, which essentially bumps back my graduation by half a year to an entire year, depending on how the last semester turns out. But this post isn’t about that [which isn’t actually so bad, now that I’ve had time to think through it. I’ve been through worse.]

The point of this post is that my PG has finally arrived at the store [a week! Not bad, La Tendo.], and that I can pick it up anytime. :D :D :D Of course I’ll be going down tomorrow, as long as it isn’t raining too badly. Where is the sun!!

Not quite on topic, but the arrival list also puts down Robot Damashii Regnant as a new item, which makes me smile. I have a not-so-hidden desire to display my own PG 00R and RD Regnant together in the same cabinet, if not the same compartment.

La Tendo is also selling Hobby Japan Jan 2010, which I’m considering because of the pretty PG 00R articles, but I’ll probably forego that because I become disinterested in magazines quickly. ;;

ANYWAY, expect a PG 00R post soon! If I can still move in the evening, I’ll take pics, otherwise, my next post will probably be up on Saturday afternoon earliest. I’m also hoping that my PG’s pickup will coincide with the arrival of an item my friend has been expecting. It’s not gunpla, but it’s one she has been expecting for a long time. :) The online shop she purchased her item from gave us a heart attack by claiming there was no stock, but it looks like they’ve invoiced her and shipped it and things are good to go. <3 I couldn't be more happy for her, knowing that she's getting the one item she's been eyeing for since she knew about it!

Title's got nothing to do with Gundam 00; I've finally been catching up with Mobile Suit Gundam for the past few days, and I really want a MG RX-78-2. :S Should I drop by HAG to pick one up? xD I won't have space to display it until the cabinet for my remaining stuff comes in though. Aha. Anyone knows how much a MG RX-78-2 ver2.0 is priced in HAG?

Time for more Mobile Suit Gundam! 08th MS Team is after this, if I can find it. xD