And here’s that Trans-Am Raiser post I promised. :D I thought I’d get it up last night, but I was fatigued enough by my trip to favour lazing around instead. And the Trans-Am Raiser pics I took the second time round turned out horribly bright, so I decided to retake them all anyway. It’s really true that natural light is the best light for photography. XD

But, better late than never, no? Usual warnings for laptop pictures blah blah blah. My sis is never going to get that digital camera she keeps saying she’ll buy. ):

HG 1/144 GN-0000 + GNR-010 Trans-Am Raiser

Here he be! His was a pretty…eventful assembly. |D; On Day 1, I kept dropping parts and wasting time trying to find them. xD; Day 3 was the PG’s release date, and on Day 4, I kept running into various problems because I hadn’t fitted some parts properly the first time round. I also took longer than usual to assemble it fully since 00 Raiser are two mechs in essence and because I kept getting distracted and wasting time. XD

Sideview. Pretty GN Sword III, but not gonna lie, I did a double-take when the 00 Raiser appeared with the GN Sword III in the series. I love 00 Raiser, but Exia still carries the GN Sword series way better. xD; And soon after, Trans-Am Raiser and eventually 00R+GNSwordIII were released. Well played, Bandai. :B

Hi, O Raiser! Looks like he found his main body and wings and then some. XD I didn’t notice that he wasn’t aligned nicely when I took the pic, whoops. And I’ve always liked that Bandai molded his canopy in clear orange instead of taking the cheap way of transparent part + orange sticker. [But you couldn’t mold clear blue parts for PG00R’s GN Sword II? :|a]

Anyway, time for some action! Trans-Am has a time limit, so let’s not waste those precious seconds of heightened performance!

Descending into the battlefield. The second pic turned out a little bright, but I quite like how this pose turned out. Man, I should invest in a large black sheet for better phototaking.

GN Sword III Rifle mode! I took a bunch of photos of this pose, but only this pic turned out presentable. ):


I love how this pic turned out.

The pic above is my favourite of the batch. 8) This is also the final pose I decided on for Trans-Am Raiser before eventually displaying him in the place I’ve decided for him. XD I kind of wish I had given more thought into organizing my cupboard. He’s in a compartment on my far left when he would have looked gorgeous in a centre compartment. I guess you can’t have everything in life. XD

He comes with his own green base, but the base is too small and too short for him to be displayed in that pose, so I’ve fitted him onto the white CB stand. 8D His green base has been donated to his Designer Color brother. XD

And that’s really it for Trans-Am Raiser! I took note of my progress and my time in another journal, and I found out that I took 20 hrs 33 minutes over 4 days to assemble this guy. XD;;; This is why you shouldn’t multi-task while building gunpla, lol! Thanks for reading and commenting on my progress! The next kit on my build-list is chibi Kero, though I won’t be starting on him any time soon. xD

Thanks for reading this far! There’s actually more to this post than just finishing up the Trans-Am Raiser WIPs.

I’d like to introduce you to one of my many side-collections – my Asakura Ryouko mini-collection!

Standing in at a grand total of 3 figurines. XD; A Figma, a Nendoroid, and a Meister figurine! I’ve always wanted the Max Factory 1/8 figurine, but I never got it due to space constraints. :c And the gorgeous Freeing 1/4 figurine is of course out of the question. I don’t know if I want to try explaining the presence of a well-endowed girl in a revealing Playboy bunny suit to my Mom and Dad…

The Meister figurine is my first figurine of Ryouko, and I’ve wanted the figma ever since it was announced, so as soon as La Tendo began preorders for her, I rushed down on a weekday to get her. :D :D The Nendoroid was a surprise gift, and I’ve had her since last year. XD She’s very adorable!

♥ I don’t play with her very often, and the same applies to all my figurines. I guess I like them displayed, and I’m fearful that I’d end up breaking parts while swapping them. T_T I hear it happens a lot with Figmas, in particular.

My photos do no justice to her, but I can understand why Nendos are so expensive. Their paintjob is beautiful and smooth; I think you’d be hardpressed to find rough finishes in them.

Ryouko comes with a bunch of enhancement parts for her fellow SHnY Nendos. Since I don’t have those Nendos, it gives me free reign over them and I can use them on Ryouko! She can’t stand very well in the coat that is meant for Yuki. Didn’t try Haruhi or Mikuru’s hair on her though, I have no idea if they fit—er.

D: Whose hand is that, Ryouko…?

Yep, she’s not-so-pleased that her photos are unflattering. 9___9 I BETTER RUN.

Final one for the knife-happy alien! Don’t know if you could tell from my earlier pics, but she comes with her own knife! XDD The knife is surprisingly sharp.

And now I want a companion for Ryouko! I guess I’ll mull over picking up a Saber Lily with my PG over the course ofthis week. >_<