Well, I thought about it and I’ve decided to split up the posts of my completed Trans-Am Raiser and my little shopping rambles so that this post won’t look so crowded. Please look forward to my Trans-Am Raiser post, and I apologize for the mild spam in the meantime! XD

I went down to China Square Central today.

Rule No 1 when it comes to planning an exploration of a new place – always check its location so that you know how to go there!

I told myself that I’d check up the directions to the place online, and I forgot clean about it. OTL Luckily, the MRT station came equiped with a map so I could have a rough idea of where I should be going and how I should reach there.

My sis pwns me when it comes to directions, as usual. XD

China Square Central is pretty interesting, but I started feeling bored fast because the shops that were open didn’t stock any gunpla. ): They do have a LOT of Marvel and DC collectibles and figurines though, so it’s a haven for a graphic novel fan like my sister. They also have anime figurines, FIGMA, Revoltech, Nendoroids, the works. I found a lot of hidden treasures in that place, especially figurines that have gone out of production long ago. o_o; They also had a lot of Transformer stuff, and Armored Core kits. White Glint!!

Bad thing? They all open after noon. ): And my sis and I reached there at 11 am. Hrrrrgh. And even when we were preparing to leave at about 1 pm, there were some stores that still weren’t open. >_<

Our next stop was Plaza Singapura. Hoorah, more figurine stores! Back in my upper secondary days, Comics Connection was the only store that had anything to do with figurines, but a lot of hobby stores have started popping up, like Otaku House and its neighbours on the upper storeys. XD

My other reason for going down to Plaza Sing is so that I could hop by Hobby Art Gallery to drool over PG00R's box, and somehow, that never happened. XD; I sped around the toy stores in Plaza Sing and took my search to Jurong Point, and none of the stores had stocked it yet, but I didn't make myself go all the way to HAG. I guess my subconscious is preventing me from spoiling the box for myself. XD XD I guess I still want one thing to be a surprise for myself, considering how much I've spoiled myself lol.

LOL also, along the way, I found plushes of Ugly Dolls! And they're pretty big. XDDD And in China Square Central, there were a Yako Nendoroid and a Yoko Nendoroid on display. Made me think of a number of you. XD XD

Loot for the Day:
-Pokemon Adventures 31
-Cards to send to people!

Pretty bleak loot, eh? I was tempted by Nendoroid Saber Lily because darn, it looks like everyone has her ;~; and it’s making me want her, but even her charm is not enough to separate me from 55~70 bucks for her. XD Anyway, buying her will only be unfair to her because I have no space to display her in her full glory. Bah.

And yes, I bought cards! I’ll be busying myself this whole week with cards, while I not-so-patiently wait for my PG kit’s arrival.

And now, time to get back to trying to make those pics look better lol! I took them two times and they still look bad…

x_x And of course, right after I start thinking about getting more Nendos, this post pops up to try and poison me. I want Saber Lily more than ever…!

Haha, people on NK are discussing about how cheap the HLJBlackFriday!PG00R is. Really, the lesson is “If you want awesome discounts, live in Japan”. Amazon Japan takes all. ;_;