And so, PG 00 Raiser was just released today! =D =D

It’ll be a while before I get mine, since I’m waiting for La Tendo to ship them in. Of course, I want to get it asap, preferably this Saturday, but La Tendo took 5 days to bring in MG Qubeley Mk II, so I guess the earliest I can get it is early next week. xD

In the mean time,

I’ve finished 00 Gundam and GN Sword III!

Pardon the background – I didn’t realize how bright it was until I was going to adjust its size and contrast. It looks like a supernova at the back ahaha. Can you tell what it is? XD

Trying to imitate Exia Re II’s famous pose! Should have straightened the sword so that it’s pointing directly ahead! XD; Doesn’t exactly have the same feel as Exia’s does.

And maybe now you can see what it is at the back. It’s Trans-Am Raiser from G00 2nd season’s second opening. XDD

Oh 00, where is your partner-in-crime? 00 Gundam alone activating Trans-Am is like taking a gamble. If you win, you win big. But if you lose…

Which is why I gotta hurry up with O Raiser, but this is what I have of it so far. xD;

Patience, patience. T_T I wanted to finish at least the main O Raiser body, but I started feeling tired so I thought I’d push it to tomorrow ahaha. So much for trying to finish on the day of PG00R’s release. xD

I’ll be going out on Saturday, so that leaves me with one full day tomorrow to finish up O Raiser! 8D/

*waits…patiently! for PG00R*