Guess who just got poisoned again!

I don’t know why, but Naomi’s Gun Sniper is calling out to me. ): Oh, Gun Sniper, don’t do this to me!

I’ve always wanted to get a Kotobukiya HMM Zoid kit, because seriously, look at all the details and parts! I missed out on getting a Genosaurer, and even then, with Genosaurer, I wasn’t as badly poisoned as now. I’ve always been neutral to Gun Sniper, and I’m more of a blue-mech person, so I don’t understand this attraction. @_@

Yet, The moment I laid eyes on this beauty on NK, something kept telling me to GET IT GET IT GET IT. And of course, receiving the preorder list email from La Tendo [with Gun Sniper in it] didn’t help very much.

La Tendo’s accepting pre-orders for it at a member price of SGD67.50. I can afford the $30 deposit, and $37.50 shouldn’t be a problem since I’ll have months to save up until March next year. What’s sweeter is that the orders only close on 15 Dec, and with any luck, I can preorder it at the same time I collect 00R. But my problem is that I have no space. xDDD;; Even if I can magically obtain a cabinet, where can I put it?

Doesn’t help that I’m very picky about where I display my kits. Must be away from sunlight, must not be too cold [my sister keeps our room at freezing temperatures .__.], must not be exposed to dust…my sis tried to help me decide where to put a possible new cabinet, and I must have driven her up the wall with my choosiness. XD

Maybe I should just save the money for the inevitable 00 Movie kit flood, but Gun Sniper!! ;_;

Getting a Gun Sniper will also only mean that I’ll look into getting a Yujin Naomi figurine. And those things are no longer in production. ):

Watch as I cave and shell out money for it…Mom’s not going to be pleased. xD


That certainly changes things now. |D