Owww my legs.

I managed to visit the toy fair at Taka right now for the BAKUC entries. I guess it’s become a sort of tradition, though I’m not exactly sure when I first started doing that. The BAKUC entries were awesome – as expected of contest entries. XD Nice number of 00 entries, though the “Destroy the Giant” diorama tickled me. Also, there was this diorama of 00 Raiser victorious, with Strike [I think…? I didn’t take a good look] lying half-wrecked on the ground, and this one guy started cursing when he saw the diorama. *amused* Ah, the people you meet. XDD

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t walk away empty-handed from the toy fair. Weak self control etc.

Chibi Kero
Ryuho Gundam [SD]

I caved and got Chibi Kero. *was poisoned by Ren* It even comes with a Zaku model and a RX-78-2 gunpla runner. OTL It’s too cute!! The fact that it’s on sale just makes it sweeter. xD Ryuho was a belated birthday gift for my sister – Gotaitei Sonken Gundam Korinpaku (SD) has lured her into Sangokuden ahaha, and she’s started expressing interest in the SD kits, which pleases me to no end. :D :D I just have to remember to check with HAG to see when that particular kit arrives.

My sis got comic books. Today, all the stuff she wanted finally arrived, but she didn’t have enough to get them all. XD; So I bought one of the books she really wanted as another belated birthday gift, while she had to leave the other two behind – a Captain America volume and a Green Lantern one. I don’t recall the particular titles ahaha. Man, I understand that feeling. They were selling Pokepla at the toy fair too, and I was so tempted to get the Cyndaquil line. But in the end, I let go of the idea because I didn’t want to spend even more than I do and because I don’t have any more space to display them. :c

Luckily, it didn’t rain today, but it was really cold, so much that my fingers are still clammy since there’s a breeze blowing into the room.

All in all, a pretty decent day. Walking around shopping malls get boring after a while though, but there isn’t anything much to do at home either. >_>;

I’ll see when I’ll build chibiKero. My sis wants to start on Ryuho tomorrow, but I kind of want to save it for mid-December. Ah well.

Also, looking at the giant marking seal that PG 00 has is making me consider getting water decals instead. :|a but that will mean more investment in the form of Mr Mark Setter and, of course, the water decals ahaha. But using marking seal for a PG feels kind of strange [it already comes with foil stickers, which makes me lol, as much as I’m excited for the kit XD;], as if I’m not giving it the best treatment. I can’t do topcoat, which makes me feel bad enough. But water decal, water decal…what do you think? x_X