I have to admit that I dislike going out in the rain. I don’t mix well with warm weather, but I try to avoid going out in the rain whenever I can.

Inconvenience is a factor, of course. Who wants to go out toting an umbrella, right? But my bigger reason is that raining = wet litter = very unsightly. :/ Litter itself is enough to make me squirm, wet litter is just another horror altogether–

Braving the rains, I went out today. My sister was going to spend time with her friend, but something cropped up and her friend had to leave early, which gave my sister plenty of time to spend outside. So she called me up and asked if I’d like to go out with her. :’D

Our destinations for the day:
-Sunshine Plaza
-Bugis Junction

Well, it looked like a good part of Singapore had rainy weather – I went from Lakeside to Dhoby Ghaut to Bugis and it was raining everywhere. Blargh. The rain wasn’t so bad on the trip to Sunshine Plaza though, and I finally discovered the goodness that is M Workshop. How did I not know of it sooner!? ):

Loot was decent – Tamiya sidecutters, more sandpaper, and POLISHING COMPOUNDS!! I’ve been looking for the compounds for a long while since Hobby Point Tiong Bahru and Kovan were out of them when I last checked with them. \o/ I thought of buying HG 1/144 Gaddess since I’ve been eyeing it for a long while, but I abandoned the thought due to the evil known as ‘lack of space’. ;_;

But with this, I’m finally ready to start MG Exia, since I have enough stuff for a decent snapbuild. No spraying since my parents wouldn’t hear of me spending on and buying chemicals, and I don’t have space anyway. Note how often the lack of space reason crops up. XD; I still have Trans-Am Raiser to deal with, and I’ll build it in the last week of November to coincide with PG 00’s release. So, MG Exia’s turn should come in mid-December earliest. Excited!

After exploring Iluma for a bit [pretty nice and cold place, but there’re mostly clothes stores and cafes], my sis and I then headed for Bugis Junction, and finally dropped by the famous BHG. XD Nice selection of Gunpla, though they were all at normal shopping-mail retail prices [read: kinda expensive]. I hear that BHG holds sales with attractive discounts once in a while though.

Can’t wait to start on Trans-am Raiser already, and there’re only 15 days till its PG brother’s release! *_*

Time for some Umineko.