Weather’s looking good today, I hope it doesn’t rain.

Of course, with my immensely inconvenient affinity with rainy weather, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s raining over at my destination. :P

I wasn’t going to preorder the 2010 Gundam 00 calendar, but after seeing the very gorgeous preview pics, I caved, placed a preorder with a store and now have to head down to the store to make a deposit. I suppose I’m not as immune to flat pretty items as I believe. XD

I had a very good day yesterday, thanks to my beautiful friends. Though they are mostly online friends, it didn’t mean I couldn’t feel the warmth of their kind wishes. If anything, I’ve learnt a lot more from them than I have offline. Having friends is a great thing. <333

On a more solemn note, it’s very sombre to hear about the deaths of people whom you know online. I didn’t know the person who passed on due to an illness, but through some sources, I was able to take one last look at her online journal. There’re no news about her passing on, but there is no way it can be updated now. It’s as if the journal is frozen in time.
Rest in peace.

The weather is beautiful. In fact it was so good it was sveltering. XD; On the bright side, I’ve placed my deposit for the calendar!