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Remember the item I was anticipating 4 days ago?


“Enemy sighted. It’s the A-Laws!”
“Setsuna F. Seiei, eliminating target!”

-Usual warnings apply! I tried to make the photos look better this time, but I don’t know how to deal with noise and motion in photos. |D;
-All are laptop photos. Expect low quality. ):
-If you don’t like bending beams, it’s best for you to leave now. I think any collector will know how sweet the joy of obtaining something you thought you could never get is, so let’s not rain on people’s parade, yeah? :)
-The layout hides parts of the photos, and I don’t know how to deal with that without resorting to resizing photos. ): Better view here, and it’s the same entry. :)

Here it be. 8D

Regnant’s been on my want list ever since I first saw it. And episode 21 strengthened my love for it and elevated my want of a merch for it. Of course, being such a massive mecha, I didn’t think it would make it into merch land. Gunpla – definitely out of the question. G.F.F? Psyco did get the treatment. HCM-Pro? Likely, especially if we consider Destroy from GSD…

But I never really actively wished and pined for Regnant to receive any sort of merch. That was until this came along. O_O;

Of course, that brought my hopes up completely. Every day, I visited NK, hoping to gleam any info about its release date, and more importantly, its price. I had also begun saving, hoping that by the time the info I needed were out, I would have enough.

And then came the bombshell – Regnant was going to be a Japan-only release.

I couldn’t accept it. I JUST NEEDED REGNANT TO COMPLETE MY LOUISE COLLECTION. I scoured for ways to try and obtain one, and I found Treasure Japan.

And after 6 months, here Regnant is, in my proud, grubby hands. 8)

Year 2009 has been a year of big purchases for me, and Regnant is the second last item that I have anticipated. I present to you, GNMA-0001V – Regnant.

The box is MASSIVE. I got a shock when the postman arrived at my place carrying a giant box. My sis remarked that it looks as big as a DVD player. Honestly, I think it’s probably slightly bigger than one. ;_;

Comparison to MG Exia Ignition Mode, which I have yet to build. Gah.

Regnant, unboxed! That’s HG 1/144 00 Raiser [Designer Colors], preparing to engage the enemy. …IT’S HUGE.

♥♥♥♥♥ It’s got that new figurine smell.

Patting the monster. Look how small my hand is compared to it, oh my god. >_>;

And on the stand! You need to read the instruction manual that comes with the figurine to understand how to assemble the stand. It’s pretty neat, but trying to fit Regnant to the stand is a PAIN. It doesn’t like being tied down. Also, I’ve opened the mouth cannon, but I don’t know if you can see it.

Mode change!! The MS form is MASSIVE. 30 cm, if I’m not wrong?

My hand can only cover one of its wings. X_X

I didn’t take too many pics of Regnant with its Gundam face. xD And the face is too small and wouldn’t have turned up visible in the photos anyway. The part is also not really easy to change – you need a lot of strength to pluck out the head. Here, I’m trying to show Regnant patting 00 Raiser on the head lmao. Sadly the arms lack articulation. I’m not sure if I can change the direction of the hands. I think it’s probably possible judging by one of the poses on the box, but I’m hesitant to use too much force. x_X;

00 Raiser does not take well to being touched. Or being overshadowed.

I couldn’t resist. *bad* Throne Drei is so small compared to it fff.

You can’t see it here, but Throne Drei’s trying to defend itself with its gun. OTL Due to my sheer laziness, I didn’t try reenacting the scene from episode 21. XD It’s too much hassle trying to put her back later.

The entire reason why I’ve been looking forward so much to Regnant’s release. ♥

HG 1/144 GN-X III was an impulse buy. xD; I didn’t like the design very much [AND IT COMES WITH TOO MANY STICKERS], but I bought it because I love Louise Halevy.
HGIF B-side Louise – a gift from a friend on LJ. I didn’t actively look for this because I was hesitant to spend money on a figurine that I thought wouldn’t look great. *not a big fan of HGIFs* But my friend had the figurine and it looked pretty good. So when she offered to look for it at a con and found it, naturally I was overjoyed. ;~; THANK YOU!! ♥
Gundam 00 Heroines Louise Halevy – from eBay lmao, since La Tendo didn’t bring in the Heroines anymore. ): She was at a pretty decent price, and she’s adorable. ♥
HG 1/144 Ahead Smultron – a gift from another friend on LJ ahaha. Incidentally, both GN-X III and Smultron are the only non-Gundam gunpla I have in my house. :|a The gold was fun to look at ahaha.
And of course, Robot Damashii Regnant.

Funny thing about Regnant – I’ve had two dreams concerning it. It’s…kind of ridiculous, honestly. The first one had me rummaging my house and finding RD Regnant. ;___; AAaah, when I woke up from the dream, I was so upset that I made up my mind to get it, in spite of knowing the potentially prohibitive costs. The second dream, months away from Regnant’s actual release date, had me holding Regnant, in the plastic packaging. I was jaywalking, and I dropped Regnant [!!] in the middle of the road. o_O; A few vehicles ran over it, but after they were gone, I calmly walked over to it and picked it up again lmao. It escaped unscathed. XD;

Now, I can really relax when it comes to Louise merch. XD All I hope for now is a Louise character single!